Down memory LANE

with Mary Jayne

Recently, I came upon this old snapshot in a family album and I am assuming it was taken in Marquette so that is where my mother originated. That must have been some proud ride, even in those days. Not being a car buff would have no idea what year it may have been. However, it looks pretty elegant. Not good in the winter, however. (Photo courtesy of Mary Jayne Hallifax)
This looks like it was (burned by) fire, being an apartment building I remember seeing in the 1930s and early 1940s on Lynn Street here in Munising, near the side of where the Barge Inn now stands. I do remember it being called the Elliott Building. (Photo courtesy of Mary Jayne Hallifax)
This one has the story along with the clipping. Seems this has disappeared in the meantime. However, it was quite a souvenir. (Photo courtesy of Mary Jayne Hallifax)


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