Fall colors should be quite a sight this weekend


The time has come again for the Upper Peninsula to display one of the features that it is most well-known for: fall colors. And this weekend is looking like a great time to take a drive, given the early weather forecast. People throughout the state and in particular the U.P. take the ...

It’s time to allow glass pickup

Letters To The Editor

To the Journal editor: : It seems wholly appropriate at this time to allow curbside glass pickup. We have these new bins that don’t have to be lifted by human backs. We will hardly ever fill these huge bins with other recycling materials. And since glass is being recycled via individual ...

Are we really different from them?


We are different from them. Instinctively, that’s what you’re thinking, right? Not that you don’t have reason. The news out of Iran that a 22-year-old woman named Mahsa Amini mysteriously died in custody after the nation’s “morality police” hauled her in for some violation of ...

Negaunee social district is an interesting concept


The state of Michigan says a local government may designate a social district within its jurisdiction, with licensed businesses able to sell alcohol within a “commons area.” Customers then may consume their drinks in that area. The city of Negaunee now has one of those districts. The ...

Gasoline prices seem to be going in wrong direction


Wow, that didn’t take long. After a couple of weeks edging downward, the price of gasoline is creeping back up again. According to the latest data compiled and released by AAA of Michigan, the price of a gallon of unleaded regular shot up 13 cents last week. You’ll pay well over $4 ...

Who’s watching whom in US?


The New York Times recently ran a story about Russia’s powerful internet regulator, Roskmnadzor, whose collection of personal data about average Russians has, in the Times’ words, “catapulted Russia, along with authoritarian countries like China and Iran, to the forefront of nations that ...