Taking a drive? Don’t pick up your cell phone!


The Michigan hands free distracted driving ban takes effect at the end of this month. We are not alone, as our state is the 26th in the U.S. to enact such a restriction. The state passed legislation to ban texting and driving more than a decade ago, but safety experts have long contended ...

Please don’t erase the Anglo-Saxons


It’s official. The Anglo-Saxons are getting canceled. The move comes more than 1,000 years too late for the previously ascendant Romano-British who couldn’t resist these Germanic peoples who showed up on the shores of England beginning in the fifth century, but surely, they would ...

Sununu’s good move and bad advice


Gov. Chris Sununu (R-N.H.) is not running for president. In his state’s first-in-the-nation primary, “I can be more effective for the Republican Party in ways few other leaders can,” he wrote in the Washington Post. He plans to endorse a candidate and obviously hopes to defeat former ...

Grads will hopefully discover tassel worth hassle


Today, it seems most appropriate to pull out a spotlight and shine it on the many young people who are graduating from high school this month. Congratulations! These were the cute little backpack-toting kids who started school in 2011. We can see them in our mind’s eye, trooping into school ...

Take precautions as temperatures rise


With temperatures reaching 90 degrees locally, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is encouraging all residents to stay cool to beat the heat. MDHHS routinely reviews emergency department data for heat-related illness. As daily temperatures rise above 80 degrees, emergency ...

Remembering Amy Harju: A gift of life so bold


A community is made up of all kinds of people, many who strive to make it a better place. Some of these contributors are well known but there are others who do for their neighbors without thought of being recognized. Amy Harju was one of those folks making our area a better place. It’s ...