Study shows housing remains area of concern


As is the case in much of the country, finding affordable housing in Marquette County has become a challenge and a significant barrier to many who would like to call this part of the Upper Peninsula home. On Thursday, Marquette County officials gave a presentation at Northern Michigan ...

President Biden’s Morehouse speech was disappointing


The academic year is coming to an end, thankfully. It has been characterized by some of the worst antisemitism since the Nazi regime and demonstrations by campus (and non-campus) radicals, many of whom appear to have been indoctrinated by professors whose anti-American, anti-capitalism and ...

Tyranny of majority seen


“Which is better — to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away or by three thousand tyrants one mile away?” — Rev. Mather Byles (1706-1788) Does it really matter if the instrument curtailing liberty is a monarch or a popularly elected legislature? This conundrum, along with ...

President Biden not fooling voters on health of economy


If you want to explain to a puzzled, left-leaning writer like The Atlantic’s Annie Lowrey why most voters this year rate the economy during former President Donald Trump’s term more favorably than the economy during President Joe Biden’s, you might start with a pair of simple ...

Transparency is best policy


The issue: Michigan State Police released the name of a man killed on the road by an unmarked MSP car. Our view: Law enforcement agencies need to apply a policy of transparency with an even hand across the state The death of Samuel Sterling is a tragedy. The 25-year-old Grand Rapids man ...

Lawmakers seek to buy silence of Beydoun critics


Lawmakers are hoping to mitigate some of the outrage over a $20 million grant awarded to Democratic crony Fay Beydoun by throwing good money after bad. It’s a very questionable idea that risks making the situation worse. Beydoun is the appointee of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who was given a ...