Local organization has right approach in solving childcare issue


There are people in every society that need extra care. That care is generally provided by those equipped to provide that extra help. Children, homebound elderly, people with physical or mental disabilities, all deserve to live with equity and dignity. Each step we take as a society toward ...

Ardern’s resignation surprises


WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Like Halley’s Comet that only comes around every 75 years, the resignation of a top politician from office is a rare occurrence. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has quit and not for the usual reasons of scandal or the all-purpose excuse “to spend more time with ...

Are public employee labor unions illegal?


How did it come to pass that public employee unions, which scarcely existed 60 years ago, have come to run public schools and myriad state and local government agencies? Answers to this question, which few people think about these days, come from Philip K. Howard’s latest book, “Not ...

Lying to parents about trans kids hurts kids


Imagine that you are the parent of a 15-year-old girl and discover that her school has been concealing her daytime behavior from you. Your daughter has joined a far-right Mormon spin-off cult, believes in plural marriage, has spoken of dropping out of school to get married, and declines to ...

New zombie laws muddy right-to-work


Proposing laws that directly contradict U.S. Supreme Court rulings might be a feel-good exercise for Michigan lawmakers. But it risks creating an atmosphere of uncertainty for residents. ìZombie lawsî are commonly known as bills that are legally on Michiganís books but are not enforceable ...

Loss of unions impacts all

Letters To The Editor

To the Journal editor: Recently read a couple of editorials from The Detroit News. Also noticed the Mackinac Group is heavily flogging the same thing. Incidentally, “Right-to-Work” is, in my opinion, the worst misnomer since the Red Delicious apple. Here are some facts to keep in mind ...