Paul Churchville did much to support youth in area


Experience has taught us that it takes all kinds of people to make a community a success. Certainly, civic leaders and business people are important to the mix, as are members of the educational and medical communities, just to name a few. Another type of person who is absolutely key but ...

Are we canceling summer again?


This is becoming another summer that didn’t quite happen. It follows the bum summer of 2020, which was canceled by COVID-19. In the West this year, summer is literally going up in smoke. Wildfires from Southern California to Washington state are burning out of control and clouding skies as ...

Winter heating challenges foremost in minds of many


While home heating might be the last thing many area residents are thinking of in the middle of the summer season, the cooler months and associated heating needs are fast approaching. Many people may take for granted a warm, cozy home as the cold weather descends upon the area, but that’s not ...

As Biden seeks mask mandate, insurrection inquiry intrudes


WASHINGTON — In the cause of national public health safety, President Joe Biden should abandon confusing half measures by telling Congress and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to mandate masking and vaccination for all Americans. It has become too dangerous to do anything else, ...

Wrong predictions don’t deter predictors


We have always had them among us: fortune tellers, diviners, readers of palms, tarot cards, tea leaves, stars, horoscopes, discerners of animal entrails, calling on gods of wood and stone, and all sorts of other “seers” who have attempted to convince the gullible that they have the power to ...

Cheney and Kinzinger may be too late to do much


I wish I could be a Cheney fan. I really do. Rep. Liz Cheney has conducted herself honorably for the past nine months. Her courage in telling the truth about the election and the insurrection of Jan. 6 has been punished by the Republican conference, which booted her from leadership and replaced ...