With summer driving, road construction a necessary evil


Superiorland residents know that every minute of summer needs to be savored. The long winter months keep the majority of us stuck inside and away from the activities we love and that is why it can be so frustrating to spend so much of our time sitting in our cars, often with antsy kids, stuck ...

Climate change continues

Letters To The Editor

To the Journal editor: According to Copernicus, the European Union’s climate change monitoring service, April 2024 ended up as the warmest fourth month on record in terms of global average temperature, the eleventh month in a row that this record has been set! Additionally, May 2023 ...

Should trans women use women’s locker rooms?


To what extent should a transgender woman be treated the same as women who started life as female? That depends. Let’s start with a definition. A trans woman is someone assigned male at birth but who identifies as a woman. There is a transitioning process that can include legal, social and ...

Prevent tick bites this season


The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services encourages Michigan residents to take steps to avoid tick bites while enjoying the outdoors. Risk of tick-borne diseases, particularly Lyme disease and anaplasmosis, increases across the state as weather warms. Ticks can be active when the ...

Important to talk, learn about mental health


May is Mental Health Awareness Month, which has been observed since 1949. So, why does mental health still feel like a taboo topic? Maybe we’re all just uninformed, perhaps some are ignorant, and, honestly, it can be tough to understand. Not understanding is reasonable. When you ...