Fred Dakota was one of a kind, will be greatly missed at KBIC


It’s not often that someone makes a profound and lasting impact on not only what they are doing but what others, perhaps many others, are doing. But that’s what Fred Dakota did during his years in leadership at the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community. As most in the region are aware, Dakota ...

Someone stop the world; the GOP wants to get off


WASHINGTON — As public demand cries out for sensible governmental solutions to cope with a changing world, the confused Republican Party’s response is to head for the hills. The current ills imperiling the country, from the COVID-19 pandemic to climate change, are being rejected or ...

Future is female: Is that entirely a good thing?


“Men are abandoning higher education in such numbers that they now trail female college students by record levels.” So declares the opening sentence of a Wall Street Journal piece that is creating quite the buzz. Here are some of the eye-popping statistics: Women now account for 59.5% of ...

You’ve got to be taught to love America or risk losing it


The lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II wrote many beautiful songs for Broadway musicals. One that was not beautiful, but powerful for what it said about race relations in 1949 when the show opened was “You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught.” The song was about being taught to hate. You also must ...

Grand Rapids fingerprinting policy violates privacy


The Constitution explicitly protects Americans from unreasonable search and seizure, yet it seems the Grand Rapids Police Department infringed on residents’ rights when it took the fingerprints of Black teenagers who were never accused of a crime. Michigan residents shouldn't have to fear ...

Afghanistan, in review

Letters To The Editor

To the Journal editor: I would like to make several observations about Afghanistan. First while I sympathize with Americans wishing to bring home our troops after 20 years of non-victory, I would point to Germany, South Korea and Okinawa where we have seemingly been forever. I would assume ...