What’s needed is renovation


Some popular shows on PBS and cable TV are about renovating old houses - taking dilapidated, out-of-fashion and dreary houses and turning them into modern, functioning, and attractive places in which to live. Renovation is precisely what is needed in our country whose national debt, open ...

Paranormal novel from local teacher to be published


With Halloween about one week away, the timing couldn’t be better for news coming out of the Marquette Area Public Schools. It seems MAPS English teacher Adam Dompierre is publishing his debut novel — a paranormal offering titled “Wild Bolts Electric” — just in time for ...

Gag order on Trump is shameful


If you’ve always thought that federal judges ought to determine what presidential candidates can and can’t say about political matters, you should love Judge Tanya Chutkan’s partial gag order against Donald Trump. Chutkan is hearing the January 6 case against Trump brought by Special ...

New NMU spending package invests heavily in students


Northern Michigan University is continuing to invest in its most important facet — its students — under the 2024 budget approved late last week. According to a Mining Journal story on the matter, new spending in 2024 in direct support of students is expected to include more than $3 ...

Hamas uses Israel’s humanity against it


Hamas is banking on short memories, lazy journalism and short fuses. The lies it told about the Al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital event illustrate the war on truth that it conducts simultaneously with sadistic attacks on civilians. Hamas’s attack on Israel constituted an encyclopedia of war crimes: ...

LaLonde a great choice for Marquette County Board


Community activism comes in all shapes and sizes. But personal contributions to local governance should be hailed as one of the best kinds of contributions to our democratic society. It’s for that reason that we applaud all six individuals who stepped up and put in an application to serve ...