Speed enforcement to be emphasized by police


About 41 million speeding tickets are issued in the nation per year, according to recent insurance industry studies. Some drivers may believe that’s plenty, but here’s another statistic to consider: speeding accounts for one-fourth of all traffic fatalities nationally. Police agencies ...

Balance second chances with public safety


The Democratic-controlled Legislature is pushing a rehabilitation and reentry bill package that would potentially release some of Michigan’s most violent criminals who are in prison for acts such as murder, rape, delivery of dangerous drugs like fentanyl and even certain sexual ...

Superior Extrusion a good example of how to do it right


It’s not easy making a business work successfully in the present economy. There are never-ending challenges business owners and managers must face to make things go well, day to day, to say nothing of year to year. So when a business in a highly competitive environment marks a significant ...

Oh, the humanity of it all but it’s time to return to the office


Employees unhappy over orders to return to the office are evidently tearing their garments with grief. But they may need the garments to keep their current employment, and we’re not talking about pajamas. Many who enjoy working from home are upset at the idea of having to do facetime to ...

Outdoors North: Summer season sees countless changes


“Down around the bend in the water, bring your fishing line,” – Gordon Lightfoot As is not uncommon across this peninsula, nature has flipped the script in short order and delivered us from a brief series of cold and gray early mornings. At least for now. The days of summer – dog ...

Safeguard pets during times of disaster


Disasters are unpredictable and can happen any time to any one. The Michigan State Police/Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division, in honor of National Pet Preparedness Month this month, encourages Michiganders to create an emergency preparedness kit for their pets to ensure ...