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Origins of Marquette General Hospital pte 2

MARQUETTE — Last week’s article told the history of the first large hospitals built in Marquett, St. Mary’s and St. Luke’s. Both were established in the 1890s. In the early 20th century, due to an increase in population and continued advancements in medicine, both hospitals expanded and ...

History quiz

QUESTION: At the official opening of K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base in October 1959, what was the first aircraft to land? a. F-101 Voodoo b. B-52 Stratofortress Bomber c. KC-135 Stratotanker d. F-106 Delta Dart Answer: A. F-101 Voodoo.

Origins of Marquette General Hospital, part 1

MARQUETTE — As the old Marquette General Hospital is dismantled, a history of how it was formed comes to mind. It began in the 1890’s, when two hospitals, St. Mary’s and St. Luke’s, were built in Marquette.  Early large city hospitals housed patients who could not afford to be ...

History quiz

QUESTION: Peter White is often called the Father of Marquette, and for good reason. Which of these things did he NOT do. a. Design Park Cemetery b. Take a dogsled team to Green Bay to pick up the mail c. Arrange for the federal government to give Presque Isle to the city d. Donate the ...