Superior History

Another downtown Marquette fire?

MARQUETTE — Marquette’s business district was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1868. But on January 22, 1891 another fire threatened “half the Queen City’s Business Quarter with certain destruction.” The fire began on Main Street midway between Third and Front streets at Hager and ...

History quiz

QUESTION: Where did was the Hager and Johnason Factory rebuilt after the 1891 fire? ANSWER: A. The factory was rebuilt near the intersection of Washington Street and Lincoln Avenue.

The Morgan Blast Furance: Industry & community

Lewis Henry Morgan, a New York capitalist, spent time in Marquette County before the Civil War studying the life and habitat of the American beaver. Morgan was an investor in early railroads in Marquette County. He also saw an opportunity to make money in the iron industry. In 1863 he formed ...

U.P. Moments in History

The Michigan State Police, Negaunee, circa 1920s. (Photo courtesy of the Superior View Studio, Marquette, www.viewsofthepast.com)

Christmas at Sault Ste. Marie, 1850, Part 2

From the Marquette Regional History Center Special to the Journal Last week we shared an account of Christmas 1849 in Sault Ste. Marie from a letter written by Maria Bingham Seymour to her younger sister, Angie. Maria and her husband, Glenn Seymour were living with her parents, Abel and ...