Superior History

History quiz

QUESTION: When was the Palestra moved to Marquette? a. 1904 b. 1911 c. 1921 d. 1928 ANSWER: C. The Palestra was originally built in Laurium in 1904, it was moved to Marquette in 1921.

Savings Bank Building a landmark

MARQUETTE — Marquette is fortunate that two of our prominent bank buildings from the last century are still standing across the street from each other at the corner of Washington and Front streets. Both are currently facing possible changes, but in both cases, the owners have stated they will ...

History quiz

QUESTION: Although it has since been surpassed by a group from Cornwall that made one that weighed 1,600 pounds, in 1978 a group from the Upper Peninsula made a 1,000-pound pasty that was at that time the world record. What was the occasion and who were the energetic bakers? a) A group of ...

The disappearance of the W.W. Arnold

MARQUETTE — November 1869 was a bad month for shipwrecks on Lake Superior. The schooner Jura sank at Copper Harbor after hitting a rock; the schooner Bermuda* went ashore at Shot Point, just east of Marquette; the schooner Eveline Bates broke free of her moorings and drifted onto the beach at ...

U.P. Moments in History

A furnace wagon is shown at Fayette, circa 1860s. (Photo courtesy of the Superior View Studio, Marquette, www.viewsofthepast.com)