Superior History

What is ‘Yooper cuisine?’

MARQUETTE — Numerous friends with puzzled looks on their faces have asked this question. This illustrates the folk tale for many, that the Upper Peninsula does not have a special cuisine. What follows partially answers the question. It shows that even though we are not in a metropolitan area ...

History quiz

QUESTION: When did Upper Peninsula railroads connect to Chicago? a. 1865 b. 1872 c. 1881 d. 1893 ANSWER:B. 1872.

A peek at Marquette’s Piqua

MARQUETTE — In 1917, the Piqua Handle and Manufacturing Company opened in Marquette on the site of today’s Marquette Senior High School. The business was brought to Marquette from Piqua, Ohio, by the Marquette Commercial Club, which later became the Marquette Chamber of Commerce. The Piqua, ...

History quiz

QUESTION: What happened during Gov. G. Mennon Williams’ visit to the Marquette Branch Prison in 1950? a. He was attacked by knife-wielding inmates. b. He caught his death of pneumonia. c. He fell out of the north guard tower. d. He declared June 1 as the opening of all windows for ...