Superior History

Early schools in Marquette were varied

MARQUETTE — As the school year winds down, let’s take a look at the history of some of the many schools that came and went in early Marquette. In the earliest years, schooling was rather informal. The first recorded school opened in 1849 with two teachers and just four students including ...

History quiz

Q: When did construction start on the breakwater in Marquette’s Lower Harbor? A. 1853 B. 1867 C. 1880 D. 1898 ANSWER: B. Construction began in the summer of 1867 and took many years to complete.

Cornish wrestling a popular pursuit

Editor’s note: This work was adapted from an article by area historian Fred Rydholm in the Winter 1984 issue of "Harlow’s Wooden Man." Wrestling has been as sport as far back as civilization can be traced. While we most often hear of Greco-Roman and Sumo styles, there were actually many ...

History quiz

Q: In 1876, Terrance Moore discovered gold and silver-bearing rock at a location within the Marquette city limits. He quickly formed the Marquette Gold and Silver Company and began mining. Either the ore or the money ran out, because there was no further word of activity at the mine site after ...