Superior History

History quiz

QUESTION: In 1931 a Marquette resident, Wallace Wysocki, wrote a hit song entitled “There must be a bright tomorrow (for each yesterday of tears).” What was notable about Wysocki? a. He was an inmate at Marquette Branch Prison. b. He was only 13 years old. c. He could not read ...

TB: Forgotten plague of Marquette

MARQUETTE — It was the early 20th century in Marquette and a deadly disease called tuberculosis, or TB, was spreading like wildfire. TB attacks the tissue in the lungs and since medicines that we have today were not so readily available then, people flocked to the Upper Peninsula for the ...

History quiz

QUESTION: Marquette was the first city in the region to be electrified in 1889. Where was that first hydroelectric dam? a. Whetstone Brook b. Orianna Creek c. Yellow Dog River d. Dead River ANSWER: D, the first hydroelectric dam in the area was on the Dead River.

Happy the Clown a local legend

MARQUETTE — For 30 years, Happy the Clown entertained generations of children across the Upper Peninsula. But who was the man behind the makeup? William Millican Gray was born in Chocolay Township July 14, 1895 and was a lifelong resident of the area. His father, also named William, had ...