Superior History

Let’s talk turkey

MARQUETTE — Over the last several years it has become more and more common to see flocks of wild turkeys throughout the Upper Peninsula. A friend recently recounted that when she slowly drove past a flock of turkeys in Negaunee Township, the tom took offense and chased her car down the ...

History quiz

QUESTION: Negaunee has Iron Street and Furnace Road. Gwinn has streets named Carbon and Jasper. Marquette used to have streets named Hematite and Specular. What are those streets called today?? a. College and Kaye b. Alger and Harrison c. McMillan and Blemhuber d. Mather and ...

Washington County?

By EMMIE MAY Marquette Regional History Center Special to the Journal NEGAUNEE — Did you know Negaunee seceded from Marquette County soon after the Civil War and established a county of its own? Since the Civil War required large quantities of iron from the mines of the Upper ...

Marquette Regional History Center History Quiz

QUESTION: Where were John M. Longyear’s mining interests located? a. Michigan’s Menominee Iron Range b. Michigan’s Gogebic Iron Range c. Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range d. Norway’s Svalbard Island e. All of the above f. None of the above ANSWER: E, all of the above