Superior History

Colonial Jack’s walk

By ROSEMARY MICHELIN Marquette Regional History Center Special to the Journal “Man on a 9,000 Mile Walk is Due to Arrive in Marquette Today” was the Mining Journal headline on August 7, 1908. Who was this transcontinental walker? Thirty-five-year-old John Albert Krohn, also known ...

All the world’s a stage

MARQUETTE — The definition of an auditorium is the space set apart for the audience in a theater, school, or other public building. Marquette has had several of these spaces in its history. Other than their names, Adam’s Hall and Preston’s Hall, little can be found discussing them. ...

History quiz

QUESTION: Which year did forest fires burn approximately one fifth of Isle Royale? a) 1862 b) 1890 c) 1917 d) 1936 ANSWER: D, the fire started near Siskiwit Bay on July 23, 1936. The fire and two major secondary fires were finally contained on Aug. 18 having burned 27,000 acres.

U.P. Moments in History

This feature provided by: www.viewsofthepast.com 149 Washington St. Town Square, Rumley, Michigan, circa 1910. (Photo courtesy of the Superior View Studio, Marquette www.viewsofthepast.com)