Superior History

The great Seney fire

The Walsh Ditch Fire is officially named for the closest landmark to the ignition point. More commonly known as the Seney Fire, it was sparked by a dry lightning storm on July 30, 1976. The next day a Michigan Department of Natural Resources aerial patrol spotted the blaze within the Seney ...

Trek to North Pole

The vast landscape is all ice, snow and open holes of freezing water that seem to go on forever. It’s so barren and cold that even wildlife doesn’t live here. What place could this be except the North Pole? At age 68, Marquette resident Daniel Hornbogen (my grandpa) went to the North ...

History quiz

QUESTION: What was produced in the kilns at the mouth of the Carp River (the last one collapsed several years ago and has since been rebuilt by the Iron Ore Heritage Trail)?      a. Charcoal b. Bricks c. Pottery d. Glass ANSWER: Answer A, charcoal.

Sooner or later, you’ll be a co-operator

HANCOCK — “Sooner or later, you’ll be a co-operator” was one of numerous advertisement jiggles used by the Central Co-operative Exchange and its many co-op stores once found throughout the Upper Midwest (aka the Sauna Belt). Often founded by Finnish immigrants in Michigan, Wisconsin, ...