Dr. Shahar Madjar: Is competition a choice?


In my last article I told you about two successful falafel shops in Haifa, Israel, which I saw as a good example for competitive co-existence. Competition, however, doesn’t always result in a fruitful co-existence. We learn from watching sports, from listening to the news, and from our own ...

Let legal process unfold in Trump situation


By now, just about everyone everywhere is aware that former President Donald Trump has been charged with a crime or crimes, reportedly in connection to an alleged hush-money payoff in 2016 to a porn star. Trump, who is back running for president, has denied the allegations and verbally ...

New gun laws won’t help

Letters To The Editor

To the Journal editor: The headline of an editorial in the March 30 edition of The Mining Journal posed the question of what can be done to stop school shootings, but went on to endorse legislation currently under consideration in the Michigan Legislature that will criminalize many, if not ...

News that makes you sick


In 2016, the prolific author and economist Thomas Sowell gave up his syndicated column after a quarter-century. A few months later, I asked him how it felt. He was delighted. The best part, he confided, was not having to read the news so assiduously every day. Hoo boy. “I feel ya,” as ...

Journalists depend on good communication to do the job


In the world of journalism, we are inundated with press releases. These well-crafted news items are a great jumping off point for pursuing a story, and we appreciate them. A news release, after all, puts things in a nutshell so they can be rewritten. These documents could be seen as making a ...

Yes, we are making kids trans


We are going to look back years from now and wonder how we failed young girls so badly. Between social media and fashionable gender theories, we are making teenage girls depressed, anxious, and trans. In a Substack essay the other day, a mother wrote of her daughter: “She was among the ...