COVID-19 experience was miserable


When I swallow, knives cut my throat. I cough and sometimes can’t stop. That’s frightening. I caught COVID. Dodged it three years. But this week, I suddenly felt lousy, and a home test said: “positive.” The thermometer said: 101.8. No big deal, I thought. Almost everyone gets ...

Will Republicans get their way in 2024?


Twelve or 13 months from now, the race for the Republican nomination for president — and the race for the Democratic nomination, if there is one — will probably be over. Prognostications this far ahead of such contests have a sad history. Just ask Rudy Giuliani or Jeb Bush what it felt ...

Help state’s Military Relief Fund during tax season


With Tax Day approaching, the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs is reminding Michiganders they can designate a portion of their income tax return to the Military Family Relief Fund. The Military Family Relief Fund provides grants funding financial assistance to qualifying ...

Why did Dem donor get $20M, how will she spend it?


Apparently, all it takes in Michigan to get $20 million of taxpayer money for your startup enterprise is a loosely sketched business plan and some really solid political connections. Fay Beydoun hadn’t even filed the incorporation papers for her Global Link International nonprofit when the ...

Follow the Lord’s way

Letters To The Editor

To the Journal editor: How about some more good news as most of us know not to watch TV much. Seems they mostly tell us the bad things going on. More shootings and our people in Washington still not getting together for the good of the people. Also many drugs coming from Mexico. We have ...

Christie’s Chronicles: For the love of crows


By Christie Mastric Journal Staff Writer I feel bad that I haven’t spent as much as I should publicly praising crows. Birds that are all black tend to not get as much love as a toucan, rainbow lorikeet or male painted bunting. In fact, I think this extends to dogs, with all-black ones ...