Thanksgiving a great time to count one’s blessings


It’s easy to forget one’s blessings and to forgo giving thanks at this, or any, time of the year. If one looks around, especially in the areas of politics and international relations, the news does seem to be unrelentingly bad, doesn’t it? In no particular order then, political ...

Still seeking a few good men

Letters To The Editor

To the Journal editor: Last month, The Mining Journal published a Letter regarding Upper Peninsula outreach jail/prison ministry’s In Your Cell’s Adoption Program seeking men, couples, families of any age to ‘adopt’ a Michigan prisoner for once-a-month US mail correspondence. No ...

Solution to debt is to cut spending


Congress just passed — and President Biden just signed — the latest short-term government funding bill to keep the government running. The bill, which essentially kicks the can down the road, ensures that taxpayers will continue to pay for a bloated government until January, Senate ...

Researchers opening new front in war against Asian carp


The philosopher Plato is often credited with saying, “ Necessity is the mother of invention.” Whether he actually uttered (or wrote) those words might be debatable. What isn’t debatable, however, is how the old saying applies to a natural resources problem faced by several states in the ...

Honor teachers

Letters To The Editor

To the Journal editor: Once again, a third of the Opinion page of The Mining Journal contains public school and public school teacher bashing by Cal Thomas (Nov. 8). It seems that he is denial of what the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states. The words “separation of church and ...

All the single ladies


Economist Melissa Kearney has studied poverty, inequality and family structure for more than 20 years and come to the conclusion that America’s drift away from the two-parent norm has “contributed to the economic insecurity of American families, has widened the gap in opportunities and ...