Clarity needed now on election procedures


A flurry of phone calls greeted the cheery statement by a Michigan Secretary of State spokesperson that, last week, the office sent software updates to local clerks in preparation for early in-person voting starting on Feb. 17. But no, the clerks hadn’t received what was promised from the ...

Monitor long-term progress in foster care


It seems odd timing that a federal judge has eased some of the mandates Michigan’s child welfare must meet as part of a more than 15-year period of federal oversight considering a report detailing the system’s continued inadequacies. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has ...

Improvements badly needed to Michigan sunshine law


It’s taken a lot longer than many people wanted, but the State Legislature has finally taken up serious discussion of bills that would expand the Freedom of Information Act. The Senate Oversight Committee has opened debate on Senate Bills 669 and 670. The proposed measures would do away ...

Border balances

Letters To The Editor

To the Journal editor: The migration bottleneck at the southern border centers on those seeking asylum, a legal method of entry into the United States. Unlike refugees, asylum seekers must first be on U.S. soil or port of entry in order to request asylum. After one year of being granted ...

Festival of the Sled Dog will be great fun


There may not be snow, but there will certainly be dogs, and plenty of fun to be had. Due to the UP200’s recent sled dog race cancellations, the accompanying Festival of the Sled Dog has been expanded. “It’s still extremely disappointing, but I think our ability to put together a ...

Marquette County residents thanked

Letters To The Editor

To the Journal editor: The Marquette County Salvation Army Advisory Board would like to thank you, the people of Marquette County, for your unwavering support that allowed so many families in this county to experience Christmas for and with their families. Because of your generosity, 272 ...