Cuba Libre and the left on full display


People on the far left have become so predictable that their statements are no longer “breaking news.” They would be hilarious if they weren’t outrageous or if they didn’t contribute to the undermining of human rights and freedom in other countries. Some on the left speak favorably ...

Can national solidarity solve our race problems?


On Oct. 16, 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt invited Booker T. Washington to dine at the White House. As Edmund Morris relates in “Theodore Rex,” many Americans were pleased with this precedent-shattering dinner. But not all. Definitely not all. In the South, disgust and vitriol shook the ...

Our Great Lakes deserve group effort to protect them


Taken separately, the threats to the health of the Great Lakes are enough to raise alarm. Together they are a crisis, the root of which we must recognize and take seriously. Mercury, PCBs, PFAS, fertilizer, pesticides, microplastics, water withdrawal, toxic algae, botulism, invasive ...

Incompetence reigns at unemployment agency


The state’s response to COVID-19 has lifted the veil of incompetence on numerous government offices, but none so much as the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency. The jobless claims spike following the pandemic overwhelmed the office. It never caught up with demand and Michigan residents ...

Lorinser mulling run for Michigan’s First Congressional seat


Next year’s race for Michigan’s First Congressional District seat presently occupied by Jack Bergman got more interesting this week — maybe. That’s because a local Democrat of note has established what’s being termed an exploratory committee to look hard at a 2022 run. Dr. Bob ...

Consider nuclear power

Letters To The Editor

Consider nuclear power To the Journal editor: Nuclear power, what is it? It is one of the cleanest, most reliable power that we have today. A number of years ago, I wrote a letter to this paper about nuclear power on naval ships, aircraft carriers and submarines. The following year, I ...