Toby’s Dog House expands with new Munising location

Toby’s Dog House recently opened on April 1, and is located on Lynn Street in Munising to serve those who might have food truck cravings. (Photo courtesy of Toby’s Dog House)

MARQUETTE — After spending nearly three years exclusively in Manistique, Toby’s Dog House is expanding with a Munising location.

Owner Toby Smith is in charge of his namesake’s food truck, and has had Toby’s Dog House open for business since August 1, 2018. The plan to expand was in the works for a while, and being only about 45 minutes away from Manistique, Munising made sense.

“We actually started going up there just because we kind of got invited up there by one of the other bars,” Smith said. “We always wanted to go up there because it’s a lot more touristy so to say, and we figured it was a logical choice and it turned out to be a good move.”

The Toby’s in Munising just recently opened up at the beginning of the month on April 1, and has received a lot of positive feedback, Smith said. The initial reaction makes it seem like the food truck won’t be leaving anytime soon.

“They’ve been very receptive, wow. I mean we decided (to go there) before I even got the other [Toby’s) Dog House done,” Smith said. “Since I’ve been back, the reception in Munising has been overwhelmingly great, they’re constantly on Facebook or Trip Advisor giving us good reviews and even in person, they’ve been saying how great we are. I can’t tell you how fortunate we’ve been.”

The incentive of Toby’s to provide quality and diverse food won’t change in Munising, and the unique flavor is a reason to visit Alger County’s newest food truck along Lynn Street in Munising.

“We try to keep quality up,, try to make everything a little different than maybe everything else that you’re going to get in the U.P.,” Smith said. “Some Florida twist on some northern food, trying to get a little diversification up here so to say.”

Travis Nelson can be reached at tranelso@nmu.edu.


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