All about TOWN with Mary Jayne

Mary Jayne Hallifax
And signs of spring when the ice goes out, at Sand Point (I believe I took this one last spring) as the ice is all the way out early this year. However, it was a pleasure observing this couple out on their paddle boards, easing their way through the maze of ice and open water. Sand Point is a very special spot for Alger County, seasonal for so many things, walking the beach, swimming, ice climbing, paddleboarding, etc.
This is a photo of a business that is from the history of Munising, the Nelson Service Center., est. 1946, a three-generational gas station on East Munising Avenue which is presently being remodeled to, as rumor puts it, to become a fast food restaurant. Going to be very interesting to watch as it progresses.
I am enjoying the start of the construction season and watching all the signs go up again, such as no left turn. You can just see the confusion going through the brains as you approach, deciding, for instance, how am I going to get to where I am going? However, after obeying the rules, it does work. So, here is only the second day and the equipment is busy at work  for east bound traffic to M-28. Having been here all my life, they don’t realize that I have always turned left, drove as far as so and so’s house, then turned right. No mention of the name of the highway — M-28. However, I am looking forward to the weather warming up as then I can get my go cart out again and ride down and watch the various processes going on. Last summer was a huge challenge, getting down to the city dock to watch the Pictured Rocks activities. However, that is all taken care of now, so free wheeling!


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