Superiorland voices

What has gone out of the mainstream that should come back?

SHAWN HUFFMAN Marquette "Music videos. People aren't as into them as they used to be. Used to be you could get full band movies, you don't really get that a whole lot anymore. They open up another form of how you percieve the music. Run the Jewels is a good example."
STEVE LYNOTT Marquette "Civility; where people respect one another despite their differences. Respect for the person behind an opinion, that's what seems to be missing."
ANNA ZIMMER Marquette "Clearly Canadian. It's a cross between seltzer and pop, it was popular in the 90s. it was fizzy water and it came in pretty blue bottles."
SOPHIA FRIDSTOM Marquette "Butterfly clips. I wore those things so often. They're so versatile and they're the only thing that could keep curly hair under wraps."
HANNAH DONOHUE Marquette "Fringe. I think it makes movement more visually interesting, gives you something to look at. I think it works well with things that are already coming back, like bell bottoms."
JACK KUBLIN Marquette "A meaningful relationship with a higher power--which in my case is God--that gives us the ability to love not only those who are easy to love, but those who are percieved as enemies as well."