Nina van den Ende

1.) List a few details of your background you think voters would want to know. (75 words)

I grew up in Big Bay and attended MSHS (class of 1990). Then, I attended NMU and lived in Marquette ever since. I was on the swim team at NMU and worked hard. I paid for my own education. I am currently married with 2 children in school. I am now a nurse practitioner working at Jacobetti Home for Veterans. I am an avid runner and enjoy doing the Marquette Marathon and MqtTrail 50 races.

2.) What do you think are the most important issues facing the city? (100 words)

Important issues facing the city are the closure of Presque Isle power plant, which paid $1.6 million in taxes and now pays about $300,000/year and maintaining our infrastructure without raising taxes or utilities. Our increasing debt is also very important. Another issue that is important to voters is overdevelopment of the waterfront. As I knocked on doors, a lot of people told me, “We don’t want to be another Traverse City.” I want to preserve the beauty and recreational opportunities of our 9 miles of lakefront. I would like to improve communication between the Commission and citizens.

3.) Why do you think voters should choose you? (200 words)

Voters should choose me because I am extremely hard working, honest and fair. I can manage the budget and work as a team with other commissioners. I have experience. I have been serving on the Traffic/Parking Advisory committee for 5 years. I have contributed to Marquette over the last 28 years and volunteered for many organizations including: extensive coaching, Girl Scouts, camp nurse, previous YMCA member and donor, previous member and donor to U.P. Children’s Museum, youth football donor. As a registered nurse, I worked in ICU for many years. Decisions I made for patients directly affected whether they lived or died. As a nurse, I always need to be cost effective. I am accustomed to caring for people in tough situations and problem solving. While I was an RN, I was a member of the union at MGH and I appreciate the value of unions. I will work to continue improving infrastructure while keeping property taxes down/decrease spending. This will require some development but I would like to keep development set back from the lake and keep the lakefront public. I would encourage programs/jobs that keep youth here in Marquette. I am in favor of using local contractors.


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