Nina van den Ende

Nina van den Ende

Why do you think voters should choose you? (150 words)

Voters should choose me, Nina van den Ende, because I am a critical thinker who looks at all aspects of an issue. I will do my “homework” and look into issues with a critical eye. I am dedicated to reducing the long term debt and balancing the budget. My decisions will be based on facts presented to the Commission. I will listen to constituents and try to vote in a way that benefits the majority of citizens. I bring intelligence, honesty and integrity to the position. I am in favor of various types of affordable housing, not just subsidized housing, but affordable home ownership. Income is the primary factor in home ownership. Marquette’s median income is $38,999. Most of our jobs in Marquette are minimum wage jobs. In order to increase our median income, I would promote trades programs, bring in more tech companies and higher paying jobs.

2.) What would you like voters to know about your background? (75 words)

I have been a nurse for over 20yrs and have dedicated my life to serving patients and veterans. I love serving people. I graduated from MSHS (1990) and NMU as a nurse practitioner. I am an avid runner who appreciates Marquette’s amazing trail system. I have served on the Traffic Advisory committee since 2015. I am raising 2 children in Marquette. A promising future for them here, in Marquette, is important to me.


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