Mike Plourde

Mike Plourde

1.) Why do you think voters should choose you?

I think people should vote for me because, first and foremost, I love this city. I love it’s magic. And I am the most experienced candidate. I am the only candidate with city commission service time. I have served with distinction and I know what it takes to do this job. I am, also, fully retired so I have the time to devote to do the job right. I understand how city hall functions. I have a great relationship with the city manager’s office and with all of the department heads. I also fully understand the budget process. I will roll up my sleeves and hit the ground running working hard immediately for the people of Marquette. Also; I am a very good listener. I will hear you and represent what YOU want from the city.

2.) What would you like voters to know about your background? (75 words)

In my background, I have been a manager for many years. I managed my own budget and saved state taxpayers thousands of dollars by doing things in better and cheaper ways. I streamlined many procedures with methods that are still being used long after I’ve retired. I will constantly look for ways to save money for Marquette residents.


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