Margaret Brumm

1.) Why do you think voters should choose you? (150 words)

Voters should choose me because I am the best qualified candidate for the position. My educational experience allows me to be comfortable with both legal and technical documents. My work experience has taught me how to work productively with people from different countries and backgrounds. My skill set in problem solving is unique and is unmatched by any of the other candidates for the position. Since I started regularly attending City Commission meetings and Work Sessions my knowledge of the issues and challenges facing the City of Marquette has grown tremendously. Marquette is facing many challenges and the City needs every resident to step up and make a contribution to the future of the City. My Contribution to the City includes my participation in two City Advisory Boards/Authorities as well as my work spearheading the funding to purchase a beach accessible wheelchair for use at a City beach.

2.) What would you like voters to know about your background? (75 words)

I was born and raised in Marquette. The Brumm family has been in Marquette for over 95 years. My grandfather was a City Commissioner/Mayor of Marquette and my Uncle was a City Commissioner. I graduated from Michigan Technological University (B.S.Ch.E.) and the University of Michigan (J.D.) and I paid for my education myself. My background allows me to absorb new information quickly and to work with a team to develop potential solutions to a problem.


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