Jermey Ottaway

Jermey Ottaway

1.) Why do you think voters should choose you?

I am the best candidate for Commissioner in this election. I am currently serving on two of the most important city boards, the Downtown Development Authority and the Board of Zoning Appeals. I have a full understanding of how city government works and because of this, I will be able to contribute to the commission immediately.

I want to work with the commission and City Manager to ensure our shoreline is protected and only responsible development takes place. I hope to take measures to make Marquette more affordable for the people living here and ease the burden on people with fixed incomes so they don’t feel like they have to move out of the city. Lastly, I hope to help find more creative ways to generate money so we don’t have to constantly rely on raising taxes to generate income to complete the necessary projects around the city.

2.) What would you like voters to know about your background? (75 words)

This is my third consecutive election. It shows my perseverance and want to serve the community in this capacity. During this time I haven’t remained stagnant, I’ve continued to learn about the city and volunteered my time to numerous organizations to refine my skills to ensure I am a quality candidate. I’m a father of three and want to ensure my children enjoy the same Marquette I enjoyed throughout my childhood and still enjoy today.


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