Andrew Lorinser

Andrew Lorinser

1.) Why do you think voters should choose you? (150 words)

My value system was formulated through three decades of living in this community. I was raised by Marquette and I’m confident my passions align and resonate with many residents. I believe when one is elected to public office, we do not ascend above a constituency, but rather, we become extensions of citizens, to advocate on their behalf. My campaign isn’t about me, and it’s not exclusively about the people behind me. It’s about the people in front of me whom I’m pushing to the table. My primary goal is to be a good listener and become a direct liaison from residents to government. I want people to continue loving Marquette, and those we’ve displaced to fall back in love with an affordable city. I’m compelled to lead and do my part to enact good municipal policies that address affordable housing, shoreline and trail protection, responsible development, and environmental sustainability.

2.) What would you like voters to know about your background? (75 words)

At 21-years-old I started a small business downtown. I worked in journalism and in the non-profit sector. I am passionate about giving back to community organizations with pro bono public relations services. It would be an honor to channel my leadership skills on Commission to advocate for the citizens of Marquette.


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