Marquette County voters OK millage renewals

MARQUETTE — Various millage renewals for Marquette County passed across the board during Tuesday’s election.

Ely Township had two proposals on the ballot. The proposal seeking a millage renewal and increase from 1.9701 mills to 2 mills for 2018-22 for general operating purposes passed 207-91. The other, a millage renewal and increase from 1.9701 mills to 2 mills for garbage collection and disposal purposes for 2018-22, passed 227-77.

Forsyth Township residents voted on two millage renewals. The renewal for police operations, which is 1 mill — $1 per $1,000 of taxable property value — passed 466-160. The renewal is for six years from 2018 through 2023. They also voted 535-92 for a renewal of up to .4965 mill for 2018-22 for ambulance services.

Powell Township requested a renewal of 1 mill for 2018-22 for garbage, rubbish and debris collection, and disposal, which voters passed 100-9.

Michigamme Township sought 2 mills for six years for general operating purposes — a renewal and increase from the current 1.7970 mills back to the original 2 mills. That proposal passed 66-48.

Republic Township residents by a vote of 166-94 approved a renewal of 0.2 mill for 2018-23 to provide funds for the Iron Ore Heritage Recreation Authority.

Richmond Township requested a renewal of 2.5 mills — 2.3748 to be renewed plus an additional .1252 mill — for general operating purposes from 2017 through 2021. Voters passed the renewal 141-49.

Sands Township had four proposals on the ballot, all seeking to renew existing operating millages: .04395 for four years for ambulance services; 0.8796 for four years for the fire department; 1.7599 for four years for road repairs; and 0.9632 for four years for sanitation. The renewals are for 2018-21.

The ambulance millage passed 260-15, as did the fire department millage with a vote of 258-14. Voters approved the millage for road repairs, 230-24, as well as the sanitation millage, 247-8.

Skandia Township sought a renewal of 2.5 mills for a period of five years, beginning in 2018, for financing emergency services. That renewal passed 79-13.

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