Larsen, Kulbieda cited for play in U10 Coed Division

By Journal Sports Staff

MARQUETTE — Henrik Larsen was named the defensive player of the game after he was cited for facing some of the hardest shots for the Navy Jets in their Under-10 Coed Division game for the week of July 4 in the Superiorland Soccer Association.

The Jets’ scored three goals by Brody Clement and Eli Manning.

In another game in that division, Blueberry City’s Maris Kulbieda was cited for great play-making passes, while the opposition was commended for several players who volunteered to participate to fill out that roster.

The Blueberries also got goals from Oscar Hill, Luc Cambensy and Caleb Aho.

Here are other recent scorers:

Team 6 — Josh DuBord

Blue Devils — Erik Epper, Cadan Ritari, Lake Skytta, Jaxon Lee Flynn, Clay Brownell, Jack Burnett, Nora Skytta and Tanner Holman


There are scorers from the past week:

Irish Green Team — Brett Wittler and Madison Spencer

Helvetica Helicopters — Seth Compton, Jon Weber, Jackson Holdwick and Hayden Byma

Red Army — Hannah Blemberg and Cole Brownell

Colorblind — Trevor Lewis

Daisy — Pablo Sanchez and Carsen Hayes


From last week, scorers for Daisy were Henry Wood, Canyon Medina, Erin Phillips and Matthew Brady.


For July 11, the Tsunami defeated the Lime with Tsunami scorers Emily Janowski, Gianna Rowe and Sophia Henning and for Lime was Elisa Malherbe.

On July 18, the Lime team tied with the Electric Lemons as Lime’s Malherbe, Autumn Gouldman and Mia Spitz.

Also that night, Tsunami defeated the Purple team, which got goals from Elle DeBolt and Makenna Smith.


These are scorers reported for games from last week:

Blue Tsunami — Cody Struck, Grant Columb, Brooklyn Columb, David Birkmaier, Eli Havel, James Herrington and Nicklas Kucharek

Storm Clouds — Gus Hummell, Mason Bocklund and Evan Balko


From July 8, the Shooting Stars defeated the Navy Nightmares with Stars’ scorers Brynn Wieciech, Natalie Pantti, Lily Quinnell, Addi Sheltrow and Jaska Kohtala.

The Sharks knocked off the Pink Mayflowers with Pink getting goals from Emily Erickson and Cora Wernholm.


Scoring goals during games played Monday were these players:

Cholena Valenti, Jaylin Bergman, Katelyn Roselund-Bigger, Ansley Sundberg, Sophia Dubord, Riley Garrow, Lucy Dellangelo, Joslyn Hewitt, Emma Bal, Ella Martin, Madilyn Zerbst, Gabby Spagnola, Iris Balding, Arianna Paananen, Adalyn Davis, Scottlyn Harju and Regan Peden


Scorers from games played July 17 include the following:

Green Dragons — Noah Watcher and Nate Contreras

Pink Dragons — Easton Anderson

Lightning — Brianna Higbie, Mason Mileski and Fisher Palomaki

Blue Sharks (Team 4) — Finn Bennett, Andun Dickerson, Seda Hrodey, Ramond Richards and Luke Stevens

Blue Sharks (Team 5) — Patric Walters, Calvin Carlson, Jake Wieciech and Quinn Kelsey

Thunder Strikes — Nolan Bishop, Jace Ogea, Conrad Ross, Anthony Buschl, Layla Rowe, Mason LaPlaunt and Grayson Beaudoin

Owls — Liam Wenz

Red Dragons — Michael Verbridge

Orange Justice — Sawyer Dietsch, Liam DePrey and Ella Jacobson

Purple Jaguars — Brayden Bush, Riley Nygard, David Dickinson, Jagger Galloway, Levi Pond and Carson Pond

Maroon Wolves — Xavier Oswald, Oliver Oswald, Xadian Brooks and William Gordon

Green Apples — Jacob Matilla and Jackson Feltner

Greyhawks — Levin Maclvor-Anderson, Miles Jentoft and Clayton Evans

Grey Wolves — Liam Carpenter and Sully Gordon

Aqua Dragons — Karson Miron

On July 10, games were called due to weather. These players scored before the bad weather hit:

Orange Justice — Sawyer Dietsch

Aqua Dragons — Anthony Messina


Here are scorers from games played the week of July 8:

Purple Tigers — Lucy Lander, Lotus Karlstorm, Jewel Kyllonen and Callie Sundberg

Blue Bellas — Harlow Pond and Lexi Hagans

Red — Elaine Neumann and Hanley Blaauw

Orange — Julie McIntyre and Willa Betz


Scorers for games played last week are these players:

Logan Ostermeyer, Ryker Smith, Brennen Mills, Isaiah Miller, Eli Carlson, Ryan Carlson, Evan Cardinal, Soren Jason, Brody Serman, Miles Mosher, Finley Alanko, Eli Baker, Tyah Kruhk, Brandt Martell, Lillian Hall, Ella Dickinson, George Rom, Lincoln Gordon, Austin Brugman, Jonny Toyras, Holden Janofski, Theo Kreis, Landon Raikko, Bodhi Menhennick, Benjamin Paananen, Aida Townsend, Oliver Davis, Boden Turner, Bryce Chapman, Kevin Swenor and Viktor Vandertoorn

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is sbrownlee@ miningjournal.net.


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