Jonas, Harris stand out

By Journal Sports Staff

ISHPEMING — John Jonas of Jack’s 2 had a break-and-run and Al Harris of Royal 1 an 8-ball break during action on Jan. 23 in the Ishpeming Men’s Pool League.

Jack’s 1 blew past Riverside 19-5, Wonder Bar doubled up for a 16-8 victory over Royal 2, Jack’s 3 also doubled Paradise 16-8, Jack’s 2 took out Venice 14-10, Royal 1 laid out Tilden Club 14-10 and Wayside edged Rainbow 13-11.

On Jan. 16, Brian St. Pere of Wayside had an 8-ball break, while Jay Rosewall of Wayside and Tyson Smith and Brians Demars of Jack’s 2 all had break-and-runs.

Royal 1 put a 22-2 thumping on Royal 2, Wonder Bar doubled up for a 16-8 win over Jack’s 3, Jack’s 2 waylayed Riverside 16-8, and three matches had razor-thin 13-11 decisions — Tilden Club over Wayside, Jack’s 1 over Rainbow and Venice over Paradise.

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is sbrownlee@miningjournal.net.