Riders qualify, take part at state finals

By Journal Sports Staff

MARQUETTE — Riders from the Marquette BMX track participated in the state finals at the Rock City BMX track in downstate Rockford on Aug. 26.

On the 20-inch bike, Michael Noble earned a victory, Lucas Basal and Gavin Bonanni each won a runner-up finish, Jackson Rasmussen and Fred Minor each came in third and Jack Anderton got a fourth.

On the 24-inch cruiser bike, Rasmussen and Anderton each finished third while Steve Basal got a seventh.

Earning a blue state plate in the expert and cruiser classes were Steve Basal No. 2 and Lucas Basal No. 3. Earning a green Intermediate-Novice plate were: Jackson Rasmussen and Gavin Bonanni a No. 3 and Fred Minor a No. 5.

The Marquette BMX track hosted its state qualifier on Aug. 5 as 101 riders took part in 26 motos.

Here are results:

11 Cruiser — Chase Geister, Jackson Rasmussen, Hunter Nap

41-45 Cruiser — Doug Pennala, Benjamin Cavender, Steve Basal

5-under Novice — Fletcher Seyferth, Eli Swanson, Kyler Schulz

10 Novice — Lexi Curran, Logan Molby, Aubrey Goodman

11 Novice — Kameron Althoff, Hunter Nap, Colt Schmidt

21-25 Novice — Keyton Althoff, Gabe Krumlauf, Shawn Veldkamp

46-50 Novice — Joshua Sicotte, Fred Minor, David Niemi.

6 Intermediate — Griffin Seyferth, Blake Miller, Lucas Cavender

10 Intermediate — Jackson Rasmussen, Zack Lamielle, Bryce Baehr

12 Intermediate — Lincoln Seyferth, Jack Anderton, Shayla Ogle

14 Intermediate — Chase Waters, Lucas Basal, Hayden Reichel

17-20 Intermediate — Skip Eglinton, Bryce Althoff, Brennon Fann

26-35 Intermediate — Michael Noble, Alex Cornell, Caleb Schuiling

12 Girls — Reese Geister, Adalyn Britton, Lily Britton

9 Expert — Steven Backman, Chase Geister, Kash Adamski

41-45 Expert — Michael Althoff, Joel Britton, Sonny Goodman

6-under Open — Griffin Seyferth, Lucas Cavender, Falltn Norville

9-10 Open — Kash Adamski,Jackson Rasmussen, Lincoln Seyferth

11-12 Open — Lucas Basal, Jack Anderton, Adalyn Britton

15-16 Open — Chase Waters, Brennon Fann, Keyton Althoff

21-25 Open — Shawn Veldkamp

31-over Open — Michael Althoff, Caleb Schuiling, Benjamin Cavender

5-under Pit Bike — Eli Swanson, Kyler Schulz, Eric Worden

10 Pit Bike — Gavin Bonanni, Jackson Rasmussen, Graham Gursky

12 Pit Bike — Lucas Basal, Hunter Nap, Charlie Swanson

Balance Bike — Charlotte Cavender, Jesse Worden


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