Colorblind glides past Red Army in U19 division of Superiorland Soccer Association

MARQUETTE — Colorblind posted a 5-3 victory over The Red Army in the Under-19 Coed division of the Superiorland Soccer Association in its season opener.

Colorblind’s scorers were Trevor Lewis, Robert Bell and Elina Zhang, while Red Army’s were from Jaden Wrobel.

In another U-19 game, Daisy outgunned Royal 11-3 with goals scored by Daisy’s Ansel Frost, Austin Ridl, Ethan Richards, Pablo Sanchez, Carsen Hayes and Evan Kroll; and Royal’s by Dylan King.

Irish Green felled Purple 9-3 with Irish Green getting scores from Alex Schlemm, Brett Wittler and Averie Kelly.

In the Helvetica Helicopters vs. Light Blue, goals were made by Helvetica’s Aurora Dobbs, Jon Weber, Nick Lindberg, Hayden Byma and Kyla Palomaki.



Brock Bolf was cited for top defense in the Orange Crushers victory over Maroon. The winners got goals from Will Bradley, Iggy Talley, Vincent Fassbender adn Luke Bressette.

In Blueberry City’s win over Team 6, BC scorers were Oscar Hill, Claire Bennett, Grace Matt, Austyn Maleport, Skylar Blackburn and Joey Provost.

In the Navy Jets’ win over Gray Buffalos, the Jets got goals from Owen Maskart and Eli Manning while the Buffalos got scores from Landen Monroe.

Eli Henning scored for the Fighting Irish in a win over Maroon, which got its goals from Jaxon Lee Flynn and Erik Epper.



These are goal scorers for the week of May 22:

Green Dragons — Charlotte Thomsen

Lightning — Brooklynn Wales and Lincoln Hall

Blue Sharks (Team 4) — Finn Bennett, Seda Hrodey, Drew Leahy, Raymond Richards and Luke Stevens

Blue Sharks (Team 5) — Calvin Carlson and Quinn Kelsey

Thunder Strikes — Grayson Beaudoin, Nolan Bishop, Mason LaPlaunt, Jace Ogea and Layla Rowe

The Owls — Amari Burress, Luc Lehtinen, Caleb Schweiderson and Liam Wenz

Red Dragons — Margaret Duckwall

Orange Justice — Ava Lund and Sawyer Dietsch

Purple Jaguars — Jagger Galloway, Riley Nygard and Levi Pond

Maroon Wolves — Xavier Oswald and Wolf Cohen

Green Apples — Jacob Matilla

Peach Tigers — Zane Conrad and Coltyn Plantenga

Greyhawks — Clayton Evans, Judah Flynn and Miles Jentoft

Grey Wolves — Johan Ervick and Liam Carpenter

The Aqua Dragons — Calen O’Brien



Here are scorers for Week 3 ending May 30:

Emma Ball, Emma Demay, Ellyn Mohrman, Ellie Bigger, Lucy Lorens, Sophia Croney, Ellery Earnest, Arianna Paananen, Regan Peden, Scottlyn Harju, Rown Forshey, Madilyn Zerbst, Elodie Giordana, Ella Martin, Jaelyn Gustafson, Ella Rowe and Arya Manning



In Week 2 for the week ending May 24, these are scorers:

Trae Mott, Isaac Gustafson, Ben Paananen, Bentlee Rayner, Aida Townsend, Landyn Petrocik, Mackenzie Schultz, Bode Bennett, Mally Raymand, Keaton Wahlman, Carlin Hagerl, George Rom, Brandt Martell, Blake Jenkins, Lillian Hall, Mateo Rangel, Nolan McCutcheon, Kyle Wellman, Carter Cleary, Miles Mosher, Jude Cone, Brody Serman, Finley Alanko, Evan Adams, Tyah Kruhk, Lilian Florek, Michael Kakuk, Finely Selden, Elise Richards, Brantley Monroe, Matthew McNight, Owen Stevens, Jonny Toyras, Austin Brugman, Theo Kreis, Bodhi Menhennick, Louis Eaton, Elijah Engle, Elliana Hawn, Bailey Ingram, Piper Laraon, JJ Reinhart, Mason Seanson, Kevin Swenor, Oliver Davis, Boden Turner, Evan Cardinal, Ryker Smith, Isaiah Miller, Eli Carlson, Brennen Mills, Calvin Hubbard and Logan Ostermeyer.

These are scorers for the week ending May 31:

Black — Isaac Gustafson, Nolan Zdunek and Kendall Hewitt

Red — Benjamin Paananen, Bentlee Rayner, Aida Townsend and Landyn Petrocik

Royal — Eli Anderson, Carlin Hagerl and Emmett Hoag

Jade — Nolan McCutcheon and Mateo Rangel

Maroon — Eli Baker and Piper Jacoby

Azalea — Tyah Kruhk, Evan Adams, Oliver Bray and Arthur Lundin

Irish Green — Holden Janofski and Landon Raikko

Ash — Elijah Engle, Louis Eaton, Mason Swanson, JJ Reinhart, Ethan McDonald and Bailey Ingram

Daisy — Oliver Davis, Boden Turner, Kevin Swenor and Viktor VanDerToorn

Purple — Ryker Smith, Eli Carlson, Evan Cardinal, Isaiah Miller and Ryan Carlson



These are scorers for the week of May 20:

Sapphire — Lexi Hagan, Frankie Jane Balmat and Harlow Pond

Orange Crush — Lake Reed, Willa Betz and Julie McIntyre

Clovers — Evelyn Giroux and Anna Luoma

These are scorers for the week of May 28:

Clovers — Vada Kockler and Ayla Akerley

Blue Belles — Lexi Hagan and Addison Doppelt

Orange Crush — Stella Sysco and Julie McIntyre

Tigers — Lotus Karlstorm, Lexi Veale, Jewel Kyllonen and Lydia Sicotte

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is sbrownlee@miningjournal.net.


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