Lucas Ballard, Brody Sheldon pace Under-10 Coed’s Team 1 in Superiorland Soccer Association

MARQUETTE — In games from Week 4 in the Under-10 Coed division of the Superiorland Soccer Association, Team 7 pulled out a 10-2 win over Team 1 with Team 1 scorers Lucas Ballard and Brody Sheldon.

Green Thunder downed Team 8 6-3 with Thunder scorers Joey Provost, Colin Murray and Brody Clements.

Golden Knights pulled off a come-from-behind 5-2 win over the Orange Dragons. Scorers included the Dragons’ McCarty McKie and Keelean Reilly.

Grape Juice Galaxy earned a 3-0 win over Team 4 with Galaxy scorers Jaxon Flynn, Liam Hewitt and DJ Menhennick.

The Teal Flames eked out a 4-3 win over Team 6 with Flames scorers Niyush Gautam and Jack Tiziani.



On June 12, Green doubled up Cardinal 4-2. Scorers included Green’s Jaden Wrobel, Mikaila Graham, Riley Lindberg and Joanna Langston and Red’s Lauren Kurzawa.

Tropical Blue tripped up Orange 6-2. Blue’s Mason Granger, Nathan Ostlund and Des Fernandes scored, as did Orange’s Greg O’Hagan.

On June 19, Cardinal blanked Orange 4-0 with Lauren Kurzawa, Brendon Bell, Mari Davis and Gideon Bell scoring.

Green knocked out Tropical Blue 13-0 with goals knocked in by Riley Lindberg, Jaden Wrobel, Karsten Camps, Jaden Lessard and Mikaila Graham.



Here are scorers from the week of June 18:

Golden Gummy Bears — Peter Closner and Max Comrie

Team 7 — Grace Henning, Lyndsey Lake, Elliot Mason, and Andrew Mathie

Team 8 — Zachary Sigal, Isaac Johnson, Melody Dunham and Phillip Nelson

Here are scorers from the week of June 11:

Team 3 — Maxwell Holdwick, Matthew Bursch and Austin Meister

Team 6 — Leah Gobert

Team 7 — Ayden Beaudry, Elliot Mason and Lloyd O’Connor

Team 8 — Wyatt Lakenen and Isaac Johnson

Scorers from the week of June 7:

Team 2 — Meghan McPhee, Lamb Ngafeeson, Brennan Schwemin, Tobias Camilli, Gideon Bell and Jack Rule

Team 4 — Jazzy Kuehnl, Quinn Kerekes and Bodhi White

Team 8 — Isaac Johnson, Wyatt Lakenen, Philip Nelson and Melodee Dunham



For the week of June 18, Sapphire scored an 8-0 win over Navy with scoring by Seere Helms-Gleason, Sophia Henning and Giana Rowe.

Red defeated the Gold Goal Diggers 3-1 with Red scorers Raquel Willis and Marijah Willis and for Gold it was Halle Palomaki.



Scorers for games of the week of June 18 were Jan van den Ende, Harry Jilbert, John Jarvi, Corbin Erva, Mason Bocklund, Mathew Brady, Jack Ingersol, Landon Carpenter, Kyler Sager, Connor Stade, Bryce Francisco, Miles Hill and Pavel McCutcheon.

Scorers for games of the week of June 11 included Kyler Sager, Landon Carpenter, Morgan Amann, Mason Bocklund, Corbin Erva, Stella Walker, Ella Martin, Brady Osborne, Johan Ervick, Harry Jilbert, Fischer Palomaki and Henry Wood.



For the week of June 18, Mean Greens downed Costa Rica and Orange Fire upended Flaming Foxes.

Scorers included Nora Skytta, Elle DeBolt, Emily Janowski, Wiley Steeland, Jillian Starr, Keira Heino, Lila Eagle and Claire Parent.

During the week of June 11, Mean Greens defeated Orange Fire and Flaming Foxes took out Costa Rica.

Scorers included Elle DeBolt, Anna Tuccini, Alina Nelson, Nora Skytta, Tessa Hubbard and Keira Heino.



Here are scorers for the week of June 11:

Team 1 — Hudson Jones

Team 2 — Teddy Duke, Brooklyn Fortin, Christian Hausmann, Stella Lehtinen and Evan Mattila

Team 3 — Lucas Barber and Jace Ogea

Team 5 — Anthony Thills and Landon Schultz

Team 6 — Clayton Evans, Eli Gustafson and Take Kruhak

Team 7 — Jordan Erva, Wyatt Arbelius and Dean Giroux

Team 8 — Ethan Grover and Wesley Reynolds

Team 9 — Anthony McKinney and Judah Flynn

Team 10 — Luke Bressette

Team 12 — Sammy Uchytil, Dylan Ballard and Hayes O’Brien

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is sbrownlee@miningjournal.net.


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