Mileski moves up to BMX Intermediate class

By Journal Sports Staff

MARQUETTE — Cameron Mileski moved up a class and three other riders picked up their first wins last week in racing at the Marquette BMX track.

On Tuesday, Mileski, 8, won for the 10th time in the 8-year-old novice class, moving him to intermediate.

On Thursday, Chase Dehlin, 6, Bryce Baehr, 9, and Chase Waters, 12, all got their first wins.

Here are the top three finishers in each moto for the two nights:


31-35 Women Cruiser — Lindsey Dehlin, Lindsay Bean and Michele Basal

36-40 Cruiser — Daniel Dehlin, Doug Pennala and Mark Link

5-under Novice — Jacob Melka, Evelyn Cook and Kaylin Link

6 Novice — Gavin Mottonen, Mason Mills and Chase Dehlin

8 Novice — Cameron Mileski, Braden Rose and Isabella Cook

9 Novice — Bryce Baehr, Jackson Rasmussen and Spencer Brunet

10 Novice — Charlie Swanson, Riley Hoban and Hunter Nap

8 Intermediate — Mason Mottonen, Travis Link and Gavin Bonanni

11 Intermediate — Dustin Woodfin, Luc Gervais and Maxwell Zinski

36-40 Intermediate — Michael Noble, Chase Waters and Lucas Basal

Pit Bike #1 — Dustin Woodfin, Bryce Baehr and Gavin Bonanni

Pit Bike #2 — Lucas Basal, Luc Gervais and Braden Rose


26-30 Cruiser — Doug Pennala, Jake Gervais and Luc Gervais

5-under Novice — Evelyn Cook, Arya Manning and Finley Selden

6 Novice — Chase Dehlin, Ethan Dehlin and Gavin Mottonen

9 Novice — Bryce Baehr, Jackson Rasmussen and Braden Rose

12 Novice — Aidan Morgan, Charlie Swanson and Riley Hoban

36-40 Intermediate — Michael Noble, Jake Gervais and David Niemi

8 Expert — Luc Gervais, Mason Mottonen and Gavin Bonanni

12 Expert — Chase Waters, Lucas Basal and Anthony Newman

6-under Open — Cahse Dehlin, Ethan Dehlin and Evelyn Cook

7-8 Open — Mason Mottonen, Luc Gervais and Gavin Bonanni

9-10 Open — Bryce Baehr, Charlie Swanson, Jackson Rasmussen

11-12 Open — Chase Waters, Lucas Basal and Aidan Morgan

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is