Destiny Hedlund, Doug O’Hagan top Under-19 soccer defenders in Superiorland Soccer Association

MARQUETTE — Royal Blue’s Destiny Hedlund and Wing It’s Doug O’Hagan were named top defensive players in an Under-19 Coed Division game played in the Superiorland Soccer Association on May 22.

Scoring in the game were Mikaila Graham, Mason Granger and Jaden Wrobel of Royal Blue and Greg O’Hagan and Audrina Starnes of Wing It.

In another U19 game, Red’s Des Fernandez, Ryan Kemp, Ander Sorenson and Shelby Yesney scored, as did Neon Yellow’s Colton Yesney and Bailey Loukinen.



Here are scorers in games played through May 28:

Pink Pineapples — Carolyn Eagle, Kiersten Ferguson and Amelia Bouws

Neon Pandas — Kaylen Wallner

Sour Lemon Lions — Maia Hemmila and Delanee Lenten

Hulk Smash — Grace Seger and Leah Gobert

Sharks — Seere Helms-Gleason

Purple Pugs — Raquel Orhanen, Anna Grzelak, Madison Parsley and Meghan MacPhee



These are goal scorers for games of May 25:

Sapphire Blue Blazers — Tessa Bruns, Elisa Malherbe and Carley Hinkson

Yellow Spotted Lizards — Samantha Nelson, Ella Standerford and Keira Heino

Cuties — Ida Larsen and Jaylee Dellies

Purple Power — Giana Rowe, Mackenzie Rasmussen and Sophia Henning

Thunderbirds — Elle Debolt

Goal scorers for games played May 22:

Sapphire Blue Blazers — Mya Joy Hemmer, Allison Hyde, Jocelyn Mead and Makenna

Yellow Spotted Lizards — Keira Heino

Purple Power — Giana Rowe, Mackenzie Rasmussen and Sophia Henning

Cuties — Kalyn Carr, Ida Larsen and Jaylee Dellies

Thunder — Elle Debolt and Marin Johnson

Neon Narwhales — Claire Maskart, Ava Allan, Ava Stern and Adia Holm



On May 23, these players scored goals:

Steel Blue Knights — Carter Tonella, Dylan Deneau, Easton Dellies and Evan Dellies

Royal Blue — Braylon Zdunek

Light Blue Sharks — Jacob Spagnuolo, Aiden Cardinal and Henry Blaksmith

Team 2 — Jordan Erva and Joshua Frederick

Team 1 — Iziah Friisvall and Levi Ellis

Team 11 — Ethan Jensen and Everett Boburka

Team 6 — Eli Manning

Team 4 — David Toyras, Skyler Blackburn, Oscar Hill, Joey Provost, Ty Martin and Niyush Gautam

Orange Bay Packers — DJ Menhennick, Lexie Main, Mason Lusk, Landen Monroe and Liam Hewitt



Recent scorers in this division include the following players:

Superheroes — Andun Dickerson, Camden DeMerse and Adaleigh Beaudry

Green Flash — Karson Miron, Jordyn Keys, Seda Hrodey, Raymond Richards, Sydney Kuhl and Luke Stevens

Grey Thunder — Mason LaPlaunt, Grayson Beaudoin, Leighton Ebel and Conrad Ross

Purple Sharks — Asher Sandstrom, Hunter Quayle and Rogue Homa

Dark Green Fast Cheetahs — Elin Betz, David Dickinson, Nolan Edwards, Bradley Gardner and Max Hockberger

Team 13 — Nathan Contreras, Dylan Ballard, Kadein Brooks and Madelyn Emmendorfer

Team 15 — Johnathan Sheen and Jaxsin Storms

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is