Marquette Figure Skating Club members place at Ron Carlson Marquette International Open

MARQUETTE — The Marquette Figure Skating Club held its annual competition, the Ron Carlson Marquette International Open, at the Berry Events Center Feb. 17-18 in Marquette.

Competitors came from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario to participate. Events offered include Freestyle, Compulsory-Short Program, Artistic, Spins and Solo Dance.

The club’s next event is its annual ice show, Melody on Ice 2017, set for 7 p.m. on Friday, April 7, and 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 8, at the Berry Events Center.

The club is coached by Jamie Weigold, Chris Gauthier and Shirra Sinnaeve.

Here are results for MFSC members at the Carlson Open:

Emily Helgren — 1st, Bronze Solo Dance; 1st, Teen Artistic; 2nd, Pre-Juvenile Compulsory Moves; 3rd, Pre-Juvenile Free Skate.

Jasmine Burke — 1st, Pre-Silver Solo Dance; 1st, Pre-Juvenile Jumps; 1st, Intermediate Artistic; 1st, Pre-Juvenile Free Skate.

Olivia Klumpp — 3rd, Beginner Compulsory Moves; 5th, Beginner Free Skate.

Jamie Hendrickson — 1st, High Beginner Compulsory Moves; 1st, Beginner Artistic; 3rd, High Beginner Free Skate Group A.

Cassie Davis — 2nd, Beginner Jumps; 2nd, Beginner Artistic; 1st, Beginner Free Skate.

Regina Olson — 6th, Beginner Jumps; 3rd, Beginner Free Skate.

Paige Hendrickson — 3rd, High Beginner Jumps; 3rd, Beginner Artistic; 3rd, High Beginner Free Skate Group B.

Mari Davis — 5th, Preliminary Jumps; 3rd, Pre-Preliminary Artistic; 2nd, Pre-Preliminary Free Skate Group B.

Janel Voss — 4th, Preliminary Jumps; 2nd, Preliminary Artistic; 1st, Preliminary Free Skate.

Sydney Rehmann — 3rd, Pre-Juvenile Jumps; 2nd, Teen Artistic; 4th, Pre-Juvenile Free Skate.

Liv Johnson — 1st, High Beginner Spins; 1st, High Beginner Artistic; 1st, High Beginner Free Skate Group A.

Sydney Voss — 1st, Pre-Preliminary Spins.

Jordan Bouchard — 4th, Pre-Preliminary Spins; 1st, Pre-Preliminary Artistic; 3rd, Pre-Preliminary Free Skate Group A.

Emily Johnson — 1st, Pre-Juvenile Spins; 3rd, Teen Artistic; 2nd, Pre-Juvenile Free Skate.

Haylie Clark — 4th, Beginner Artistic; 2nd, Beginner Free Skate.

Hailey Mankee — 4th, High Beginner Artistic; 1st, High Beginner Free Skate Group B.

Clare Belkowski — 4th, Teen Artistic; 3rd, Juvenile Free Skate.

Nathan Voss — 3rd, Basic 3 Elements/Compulsory.

Delaney Thunell — 1st, Pre-Free Skate Basic Elements/Compulsory; 3rd, Pre-Free Skate Basic Program.

Kelsey Freeman — 3rd, Pre-Preliminary Free Skate Group B.

Information compiled by Journal Sports Writer Steve Brownlee. His email address is