Police Log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.

April 28

≤ 2:10 p.m., caller woke up to find her cabinet drawers and side door opened, caller said nothing is missing, just suspicious, 500 block Rock Street

≤ 2:31 p.m., parking enforcement, 1200 block Tierney Street

≤ 4:10 p.m., disabled vehicle, driver arrested for having a revoked license, transported for processing and released, South McClellan Avenue near Pioneer Road

≤ 5:00 p.m., well-being check, 1500 West Ridge Street.

≤ 5:30 p.m., K-9 training, 1100 block Wright Street.

≤ 6:04 p.m., 90-minute traffic enforcement, U.S. 41 South near Prison Road

≤ 6:29 p.m., property-damage accident, 200 block North Fourth Street

≤ 7:22 p.m., drunkenness, area checked by officers, unable to locate, Third Street Near Arch Street.

≤ 7:43 p.m., property inspection, 800 block South Lake Street

≤ 8:41 p.m., caller is security for old hospital grounds; small group of people near the parking ramp; unsure what they are doing, area checked, gone on arrival, 500 block West College Avenue

≤ 8:55 p.m., well-being check, 200 block South Fifth Street

≤ 9:30 p.m., parking problem, possible abandoned motor vehicle, 400 East Ridge Street.

≤ 10 p.m., half-hour traffic detail, Grove Street

≤ 10:22 p.m., caller requests help with harassment, unfounded, 600 West Spring Street.

≤ 10:36 p.m., malicious destruction of property to motor vehicle, 1900 block Longyear Avenue.

≤ 10:41 p.m., three or four subjects having confrontation in parking lot, all subjects spoken to, one subject arrested for operating while intoxicated, lodged and reported, 1100 block West Washington Street

≤ 11:39 p.m., loud party/band in basement, tenants stopped playing prior to officer arrival, warned, 200 West Bluff Street

≤ 11:50 p.m., loud noise coming from construction trailers in parking lot, officers checked, no one around

April 29

≤ 12:41 a.m., property inspection, 200 block Lakeshore Boulevard

≤ 1:23 a.m., six property inspections, 1100 block Lincoln Avenue

≤ 2:04 a.m., property inspection, 400 Coast Guard Road

≤ 3:28 a.m., subject yelling for 911, area checked, unable to locate. 300 block West Washington Street

≤ 3:29 a.m., open door, building checked, all OK, officers secured doors, 300 block West Washington St.

≤ 4:12 a.m., property inspection, North Marquette Schools

≤ 6:36 a.m., drunkenness, intoxicated subject took cab to ER for evaluation, 200 block Wright Street.

≤ 6:39 a.m., one-hour traffic detail, U.S 41 near Prison Road

≤ 7:51 a.m., property inspection, 1200 block WestFair Avenue

≤ 7:52 a.m., man heard yelling for help, the person left, 400 block Sheridan Avenue

≤ 9 a.m., bullying complaint. officer spoke with both parties, Bothwell Middle School

≤ 9:04 a.m., report of an intoxicated male yelling for help and that he wanted to harm himself, subject wanted a ride to the hospital for a voluntary evaluation, 100 block Dobson Place

≤ 9:16 a.m., larceny of a bike, bike recovered and returned, 800 block North Fourth street.

≤ 9:36 a.m., Suspicious white van with green lettering “ECO” on it. Male dressed in all black knocking on the door. Complainant said it sounded like they were trying to “pick the lock, officers searched the area unable to locate.

≤ 10:49 a.m., school check, Superior Hills Elementary School

≤ 11:19 a.m., intoxicated subject, stole alcohol and drank it. No charges wanted. Subject trespassed, 1100 block West Washington Street

≤ 11:20 a.m., male subject in hallway refusing to wear a mask, would like him removed, 1900 Presque Isle Avenue.

≤ 11:38 a.m., school check, Graveraet school

≤ 12:01 p.m., private property tow, 1800 block Presque Isle Avenue

≤ 12:15 p.m., harassing complaint involving kids. Ongoing issue, 800 block Preserve Drive


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