Police log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.

March 28

≤ 11:07 a.m., hit-and-run accident, officers to follow up and pull complaint number if needed, Washington Street near Third Street

≤ 11:27 a.m., well-being check on subject in business who looked upset, unable to locate, 1600 block Presque Isle Avenue

≤ 12:10 p.m. check on low-hanging wire, advised Central Dispatch to contact appropriate party, North Third Street near West Arch Street

≤ 1:37 p.m., disabled vehicle, assistance given, Presque Isle Avenue near Wright Street

≤ 3:35 p.m., warrant arrest, other agency, personal recognizance bond, South Vandenboom Road near Brookton Road

≤ 3:35 p.m., traffic stop, driver arrested for no insurance and driving with license suspended-first offense, South Vandenboom Road near Brookton Road

≤ 4:12 p.m., snow-removal complaint, Cleveland Avenue

≤ 5:52 p.m., parking complaint, vehicle parked in complainant’s assigned parking spot, officer left message for owner of vehicle to move it, citation issued, West Ohio Street

≤ 7:10 p.m., threats complaint, receiving threatening text messages, spoke with both parties and advised not to speak with each other, 700 block Homestead Street

≤ 8:16 p.m., traffic monitored for one hour, two warnings issued, 200 block North Lakeshore Boulevard

≤ 8:54 p.m., property inspection, 100 block West Washington Street

≤ 9:02 p.m., property inspection, 100 block West Washington Street

≤ 10:20 p.m., vehicle parked in complainant’s driveway, spoke with both parties, neighbor dispute, vehicle moved, 500 block Pioneer Road

≤ 10:23 p.m., driver arrested for no operator’s license/never applied, West Washington Street near Garfield Avenue

≤ 11:59 p.m., property inspection, Peter White Drive

March 29

≤ 12:41 a.m., property inspection, 900 block North Lakeshore Boulevard

≤ 12:53 a.m., property inspection, 1700 block Presque Isle Avenue

≤ 12:54 a.m., property inspection, 1100 block Lincoln Avenue

≤ 1:13 a.m., traffic stop, West Spring Street near South Seventh Street

≤ 1:19 a.m., five property inspections, 500 block South Front Street

≤ 1:31 a.m., property inspection, 1500 block Division Street

≤ 1:44 a.m., property inspection, South Marquette Schools


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