Storm sweeps away beacon on Lake Michigan in Manitowoc

In this Feb. 29, 2012, photo, waves on Lake Michigan crash into the south pier breakwater by the Manitowoc Harbor in Manitowoc, Wis. A storm swept away the navigational beacon in eastern Wisconsin Monday, officials confirmed. (Sue Pischke/Herald-Times Reporter via AP)

MANITOWOC, Wis. — A storm has swept away a navigational beacon on Lake Michigan in eastern Wisconsin.

High waves took out the South Pier Light Navigational Beacon near the Manitowoc lighthouse early Monday.

Witnesses told police they saw waves hitting the beacon until it collapsed.

Chief Eric Olson of the U.S. Coast Guard in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, told the Herald Times Reporter that heavy rains and gusty winds took out the beacon’s platform.

Olson says authorities don’t know where the tower went, but it most likely was pushed into Lake Michigan.

He says the Coast Guard will search for the beacon and will arrange for