Presentation to discuss history, future of Stannard Rock Lighthouse

Pictured is Stannard Rock Lighthouse, located 25 miles east of Keweenaw Point and 42 miles north of Marquette. (Photo courtesy of the Superior Watershed Partnership)

MARQUETTE — Michigan’s coastline boasts more lighthouses than any other state, yet one of the more unique lighthouses is actually located miles offshore.

The Superior Watershed Partnership invites the public to a free presentation about Stannard Rock Lighthouse at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Citizen’s Forum in Lakeview Arena in Marquette.

There, attendees can learn about the history of this remote lighthouse and the plans for its continued preservation, according to a press release from the SWP.

The SWP acquired Stannard Rock Lighthouse from the federal government in 2015 and is working with partners to complete a historic structure report to guide the ongoing rehabilitation of this unique structure.

Located 42 miles from Marquette in Lake Superior, the Stannard Rock Light Station is the farthest lighthouse from a coast in the United States and was often referred to by the Coast Guard as one of the loneliest places in the country.

The presentation will provide an in-depth view of the history and development of the 136-year-old isolated station, as well as its current condition, the work and mission of the SWP and the recommendations established to guide the future of the station.

The current challenges and potential solutions for the station will be discussed, and participants will have the opportunity to see many historic photographs of this station and footage of the station today, including as seen from a drone.

Michigan offshore light stations are difficult to visit and not easily visible to the general public. As a result, nonprofit stewards have a difficult time with fundraising and educating the public on the significance of these resources. To assist these stewards, a comprehensive document such as an historic structure report is essential for evaluating and identifying existing conditions, collecting important historical information and providing a solid plan for future rehabilitation projects that fully comply with the standards for rehabilitation overseen by the U.S. secretary of the interior.

Organizers said everyone is invited to come learn more about Stannard Rock Lighthouse and how you can get involved with its rehabilitation for generations to come.

Presentation attendees can learn about the key features at the station that were evaluated, as well as the process of identifying uses and determining the treatments for the historic resources and features, taking into account accessibility, hazardous materials and compliance with the federal standards for rehabilitation. This presentation also provides continuing education credit through the American Institute of Architects.

The presentation is hosted by the SWP with support from the Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program in cooperation with the State Historic Preservation Office, OX Studio and the Smay Trombley Architecture firm.

For more information please contact the SWP at or call 906-228-6095.