Library closed after odor detected

MARQUETTE — The Peter White Public Library was closed early Saturday afternoon after a suspicious odor was detected.

Capt. Jeff Green of the Marquette Fire Department said firefighters were called to the library at 12:41 p.m. after receiving a report of the odor, which resulted in some individuals suffering from nausea and headaches.

He said the odor was concentrated on the east side of the building’s first floor.

Green said the odor did not smell electrical in nature, and the air-handling and heating systems as well as the gas fireplace were not malfunctioning.

He also said the odor smelled like industrial cleaner, possibly bleach-based, but that could not be determined.

The source of the odor was not identified, Green said, and the library was closed at 1:19 p.m. to be safe. He said the library’s head maintenance person was to be contacted as well as its heating and cooling company to rule out that as a source of the odor.

The supervisor on duty also was to contact the fire department if the source was discovered.

The library would reopen depending on its findings, Green said.

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