2017 Christmas Cheer Club

Neighbor helping neighbor

Alison and Jerry Cory donate dolls to 39th Annual Mining Journal Cheer Club recently. The Cheer Club is a joint effort between the Mining Journal, the Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul to provide gifts to local children and families for Christmas. Unwrapped toys and other items for children up to age 14 can be dropped off at the Journal’s Marquette and Ishpeming locations, the Marquette or Ishpeming Salvation Army locations and St. Vincent de Paul in Marquette. (Journal photo by Lisa Bowers)

Recent contributors to The Mining Journal Cheer Club include:

Jackie Heitman and Kathleen Brennan, Marquette

Mary Wedig, Marquette

Paul and Cindy Heino, Ishpeming

Lauren and Lois LaBrecque, Marquette

Pete Beale of Marquette drops off two large bundles of toys last week at the Mining Journal's Marquette office for Christmas 2017 Cheer Club.

Bentlee Behrens, Marquette

Charles and Lori Bleau, Marquette

In honor of Kathy and Danny Pompo, Marquette

In honor of Holly and Rod Aldrich, Marquette

In honor of Fran Benckendorf, Ishpeming

In honor of Roger Benckendorf, Ishpeming

Sue Micensky and Frank Kerwin, Negaunee

Beverly Wissler, Marquette

Kay Payant and Ted Raymond, Marquette

Pamela Monroe and Angthius family, Marquette

Sobolewski family, Sand River

Ellen and Bud Sargent, Marquette

Keerin and Bella Glendon, Marquette

Peter Beale and family, Marquette

Caylie, Ryan, Morgan and Jillian, Marquette

Gerry Mattis, Big Bay

In memory of Paul Holmgren, Ishpeming

Ron and Kim Tyler, Negaunee

Florence Pohlman, Ishpeming

Terry and Linda Bertucci

Mary and Norman Johnson, Ishpeming

Eugene and Jean Bilkey, Ishpeming

Ishpeming High School Class of 1967

Nathan and Olivia Krook, Negaunee

Riley and Alex Carlson, Negaunee

Pete and Beth Meli, Negaunee

Dylan and Tyler Solomon, Humboldt

In memory of Daryl T. Solomon, Ishpeming

Hope Free Evangelical Lutheran Church Quilters, Ishpeming

Doug and Sue Pearson, Ishpeming

Mick Kumpula, Toommy Mattonen, Harper Kumpula, Negaunee and Escanaba

Lonnie and Marion St. Aubin, Negaunee

In memory of Cory Lee Houseman, love Mom, Dad, Dylan, Meghan and Hadley

Doug and Pat Potila, National Mine

Cathy and Keith Barton, Ishpeming

Ray and Vanda Kauppila, Ishpeming

Highland Clan Motorycle Club

Layla Warnsholz, Ishpeming

AMVET Auxilary Post 122, Ishpeming

William Benkel, Ishpeming

Carl and Doris Siik, Negaunee

Larry Deloria, Ishpeming

Dan and Rita Niemisto, Ishpeming

Lorraine Contraris, Ishpeming

Ron and Sheree Mariana, Ishpeming

Toni Lahti, Ishpeming

Earl and Jean Eliason, Champion

Ozzy and Judy Altobello, Ishpeming

Brady Dobson, Ishpeing

Marie Rogers, Negaunee

Brian and Kim Smolich, Ishpeming

Lee and Sue Goldsworthy, Ishpeming

Ishpeming High School Class of 1950