Honoring decades of dedicated volunteer service

From left, Michigamme-Spurr First Responder Team members Joe Perry, Charlie Gardner and Paul Peterson stand in front of a Michigamme-Spurr Fire truck in a building next to the township hall. . The three members were awarded last month with years-of-service pins at the team’s annual dinner held in Michigamme. (Courtesy photo)


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MICHIGAMME — Three Michigamee-Spurr Medical First Responder Team members were recognized at the team’s annual dinner held last month at the Moose Drop Cafe and Sports Shop in Michigamme.

The Michigamee-Spurr Medical First Responder Team has been serving the townships of Michigamme and Spurr since 1978, when the team became the third first responder unit established in the state. Members on the team provide emergency care from minor cuts and bruises to major health episodes for residents and visitors.

At the dinner, years of service pins were awarded to Joe Perry, Paul Peterson and Charlie Gardner. Perry received a pin for 30 years of service and Gardner for 45 years of service.

Peterson reached 40 years of service in 2020 but received his pin last month due to the team not holding a dinner during COVID.

“These awards are remarkable as the average duration of an Emergency Medical Technicians is seven to eight years,” said in an announcement regarding the dinner.

During the past 45 years, the Michigamee-Spurr Medical First Responder Team has responded to approximately 2,000 incidents. Since the team’s establishment, 52 residents have served on the team.

Currently, the Michigamme-Spurr Medical First Responder Team is staffing nine members.

According to the Michigamme Township EMS and Fire Department webpage, the Michigamee-Spurr First Responder Team is in “serious need” of new members.

The MSMR team is an all-volunteet organization. Training class costs are paid by Michigamee and Spurr townships.

Those interested can contact Peterson at 906-323-6298, Gardner at 906-323-6211 or the Michigamee Township office at 906-323-6608.

Dreyma Beronja can be reached at 906-228-2500 ext. 548.

Their email address is dberonj@miningjournal.net.


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