Life on the stage

Caleb Rayhorn, 10

Ever since I was seven I have enjoyed being on stage and Superior Arts Youth Theater has helped me to do just that. One thing I really enjoy is the positive atmosphere. I have been in four plays with SAYT. So if you enjoy theater don’t hesitate to audition for their next play.

For an audition you have to prepare a few things ahead of time. First, you need to prepare a song of your choice, but if you want a real serious speaking part you should also prepare a monologue.

I recently auditioned for SAYT’s upcoming play, “Disney’s Descendants: The Musical,” and for my audition song I performed “Can you feel the love tonight,” from the “The Lion King.” I decided to do a song from “The Lion King,” because I thought some kind of a sillyish song would get attention because this is kind of a silly play. For my monologue I also prepared something from “The Lion King” as well.

During auditions you will probably be nervous because auditions are the main factor that get you a part in the play, but when you are feeling nervous you need to pay attention to and notice what you are doing because you might be doing bad things like rocking back and forth, or playing with your hands. In my opinion, there are three big things you should not do during an audition: trying to rush through a song, being too quiet, and stopping if you mess up. If you mess up, keep going because if it’s a small mistake they will not care. When I’m nervous for an audition I just let myself be nervous and get through it.

For this play I play the role of Jafar, from “Aladdin.” I have a couple of lines and my group has a song. We rehearse fairly often, about twice a week.

I enjoy practices because they are fun because you get to be with your theater friends and you all get to work together to create a song or scene, which is the essence of teamwork with your friends and is great.

The show will be at NMU’s Forest Roberts Theatre this November, 4-6, and there will most likely be some Covid restrictions in place. Currently we have to wear a mask on stage and you will likely have to wear one in the audience as well.

If you want to learn more about Superior Arts Youth Theater you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram, or you can visit their website at saytheater.org for more information. I highly suggest you audition for the next play and watch this one.


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