All about town with Mary Jayne

On what would appear to be another one of my frequent visits to Sand Point — which is only about 4 miles from home — I came upon this group of hikers in the area of the U.S. Coast Guard building and what to appears to be — I didn't take the time to inquire — t hat they were ready to take off for an overnight hike or they had just returned and trying to figure what was where with the equipment they have on the ground. A lot of groups have hiked the trails this year and with the past summer’s heat, it apparently was a good one to do that in. So coming or going, hope they will have enjoyed our northwoods. (Photo courtesy of Mary Jayne Halifax)
Things have been busy around the peninsula with the heavy influx of visitors who are all trying to get away from reality and enjoy a little time in the wilderness. The birds even seem to be taking their turn on this spot down near the city pier as these geese are seen waiting for their turn to dive in. I have heard a few cases of what would appear to be trial flights of the geese as they soon will be departing for their winter spots as we will stay here and ENJOY the snow. Burrrr! (Photo courtesy of Mary Jayne Halifax)
This past year or more has required us to conduct business and pleasure in different ways and shown here is one of them. I noticed my nearby neighbor leaving the yard the other day on their Kubota (which to me, was what they generally used in the winter to clear our driveway) so I asked her what she was doing so she replied that she was going to Peoples State Bank to use their drive up banking, which I will have to admit I have a few times used my scooter cart to do the same. So of course, I had to follow along to get this photo. And I remember that what I call “chute” thing (again to put your bank book in, etc) anyway when my mother would take me to the Fair Store in Escanaba, that was the way of payment from inside and has always fascinated me. This has indeed been an extraordinary time to do extraordinary things. (Photo courtesy of Mary Jayne Halifax)


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