SAYT to present an Animation Series: Local youth get into voice acting with three animated plays

MARQUETTE — More than 30 youth from Marquette to Houghton have been attending virtual rehearsals since early November for Superior Arts Youth Theater’s Animation Series.

The series includes three 10-minute plays with six separate casts: “More Than a Match” by Aaron Shepard, “Piglet” by Brian Armstrong, and “Lady Washington” by Tyler Dwiggins.

The Animation Series is directed by Jalina McClain with student assistants Petra Frazier, Siena Goodney, Maya Griffin, Naomi Griffin, Georgia Hummell, Marin Johnson, Carley Palomaki, Nate Wood. The productions are stage managed by Aubrey Wolck and animated by Nick Salin.

“More Than a Match” is the story of a kingdom with giant problems. A Giant (Nasheena Johnson) is blocking the single road that leads to the city of There.

The King (JJ Reinhart) enlists the help of his councillors (Hallel Brindle, Nora Johnson, Hayden Rundman) to solve the problem. Can they find a warrior strong enough to defeat the Giant and help the city?

Only time will tell in this fun fable featuring youth actors ages 6-9.

The Bard meets the barnyard in“Piglet,” a parody of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” with farm animals. When Piglet (Lucas Baron, Grant Ottaway) is confronted with the ghost of his father, the Old King Ham (Garret Crimmins, Jack Johnson), who proclaims that “I was murdered,” it sets the young pig on a quest for revenge that may just turn the farm into a ghost town.

This production features two casts of actors ages 8-11.

“Lady Washington” is a comedy set in the early years of the United States. George Washington (Jonah Hardenberg, Sevi Voigt, Nate Wood) cannot wait to be inaugurated as the first president, but his wife Martha (Adeline Frazier, Petra Frazier, Sienna Goodney) has concerns — and she’s willing to resort to a thumb war to settle them.

This production features three casts of actors ages 12-15.

The productions in The Animation Series will each have their own premiere in late January and throughout February on https://www.broadwayondemand.com.

The first production planning a premiere for Jan, 23.

Follow SAYT on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/saytheater for updates and check out saytheater.org/upcomingevents for streaming information.

The price to stream each production is $5 for the general public.

SAYT is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan that seeks to provide young people ages 3-18 with high quality educational, performance, and technical theatre opportunities.

Learn more about SAYT by visiting saytheater.org or liking Superior Arts Youth Theater on Facebook.


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