Hiawatha presents virtual concert

MARQUETTE — The Hiawatha Music Co-op will welcome nationally-recognized children and families musician Randy Kaplan to its “Live At The Fold” virtual concert series at 7 p.m. Thursday on the Co-op’s Facebook Page.

The Hiawatha Music Co-op offers a sampling of either local, state, regional or national traditional music performers each Thursday — free to all virtual participants with donations welcome.

In his songs for children and their families, Randy Kaplan blends American Roots, Pop, Punk, Jazz, Hip-hop, and comedic storytelling. He fingerpicks his way through unpredictable, live shows, which in addition to his original compositions, include Broadway numbers, Delta Blues songs, Ragtime tunes, and even his grandfather’s songs from the 1920s. His blend of American Roots Music and Comedic Storytelling has inspired the likes of NPR, The Nashville Blues Society, and People magazine to name Randy one of the nation’s top family entertainers.

Randy has released seven family CDs (independently and with Universal Music and MyKaZoo Music) and one picture book so far. His work has been awarded top honors from National Parenting Publication Awards, been voted a top five CD in the Nickelodeon Parents’ Picks Awards, been featured prominently in children’s magazines and on family websites, and has appeared on the Top Ten lists of NPR, People magazine, Time Out New York Kids, Fids & Kamily, Zooglobble, OWTK, Family Man Online (where it was also awarded the No. 1 spot), and many others. His recordings have appeared on compilations such as “Putumayo’s American Playground” and “Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti.”

For additional information on the Hiawatha Music Co-op, visit www.hiawathamusic.org. Additional information on Randy Kaplan can be found at http://www.randykaplan.com/biography.html and https://www.facebook.com/randykaplan


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