The graduates: Ishpeming-Negaunee-NICE Adult Education’s Community Schools

Ishpeming-Negaunee-NICE Adult Education’s Community Schools Director Bill Hartman and Principal Jason Houle, along with several very talented teachers, have taken on the special task this year of providing the education needed, along with support for their students to help this Class of 2020 graduate as planned, even with all the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A release from the program states: “Congratulations go out to all our graduates, our undergraduates, and our teaching staff for making this year the best it could be given the circumstances.”

This is Ishpeming-Negaunee-NICE Adult Education’s 52nd year and 1,693 adults have graduated through the program.

The graduating Class of 2020 includes:

Tanner R. Chevrette

Oliver D. Ferguson

Isaiah C. Fisher

Bryan R. Jarvi

Alexis Autumn Johnson

Loren D. Johnson

Hope C. Kaukola

Benjamin C. Laitinen

Rosemary Sapphire Lane

Harley M. LaPine

Samuel G. MacLachlan

Dawson M. Merrills

Karl A. Ostlund

Hunter Prisk

Nora S. Sharland

Dawson P. Sundberg

Jaime L.Treloar

Majestic Harley Vanlerberghe

Cynthia M. Wheeler

Alexis D. Wright


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