New at Peter White Public Library

We had a lot of new YA books arrive in February and March, that I had checked out during the Stay at Home order, here are a few that I read:

“Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All” by Laura Ruby, TNFIC RUBY

Set in the Great Depression, leading into World War II Frankie and her siblings are left at an orphanage in Chicago, by her father, after their mother passes away. It was only meant to be temporary, until their father could get back on his feet. Frankie was not prepared for the day that he arrived for his weekend visit with a new wife and tickets to a new beginning, but without Frankie and her sister Toni. Both sisters are now abandoned alongside many other children, too old to be adopted, but too young to be released from state care. This story is told from two points of view, one living, one dead, but all dealiing with loss, love and growing from pain. This was a fantastic read.

“Undead Girls Gang” by Lily Anderson, TNFIC ANDERSON

Teenage Wiccan Mila could care less what you think about her, just as long as her BFF Riley is right by her side. Until one day she isn’t. Riley is found dead just days after two Fairmonth Academy mean girls, June and Dayton are found dead under suspicious circumstances. Mila refuses to that her BFF was involved in a suicide pact, so she does what good friend would do, bring back Riley from the dead. Not only does Riley come back, so does June and Dayton. The girls have no idea of their murder, but with seven days till the spell wears off, they set out to find the truth and find their murderer before they strike again. This story was not only hilarious, but shows that not you can not judge a person by their actions and popularity.

“SLAY” by Brittney Morris, TNFIC MORRIS

Kiera Johnson is an average 17-year-old, student, tutor and one of the only black student at Jefferson Academy, but at home she joins hundreds of thousands black gamers on the role playing game Slay. No one knows she is the game developer, not even her family, but one day a teen in Kansas City a teen is murdered over a dispute in the Slay world, and Kiera’s game is labeled racist, exclusionist and violent hub. And on top of that a troll has infiltrated the game, threatening sue her for “anti-white dicrimination” Can Kiera protect her game, without losing herself in the process?

“The Bone House” by Emily Lloyd-Jones, TNFIC LLOYDJONES

Aderyn, Ryn for short, has spent her whole life caring for her family and the family’s graveyard, and both are in trouble. After her parents death, Ryn and her siblings have been making it by, barely, keeping up the family business, gravedigger, in the village of Colbren, once home to the fae. Ryn’s problem is that the dead do not always stay dead, the “bone houses” come back due to a curse. One day Ellis, a mapmaker from the city, arrives in Colbren, the bone houses also begin attacking the village. Ryn, along with Ellis, sets out to figure out what is causing them to attack, not only to protect her family, but to stop them for good. Part fairytale, part horror, The Bone House was an original story with great characters you want to see succeed.


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