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We had a lot of new Graphic Novels arrive in January, so bundle up and come on down to the library to check out these great new additions.

“They Called Us Enemy” by George Takei, GRAPHIC TAKEI

Winner of the 2020 Asian/Pacific American Award for Young Adult Literature, this graphic novel is the first hand account of George Takei’s life in the Japanese “relocations centers” during World War II, growing up with racism, and watching his parents make the hard choices, all while shaping him into the person he would become. Takei’s story is beautiful illustrated and written, answering tough questions along the way.

“The Backstagers” by James Tynion, YA GRAPHIC TYNION

Ever wonder what happens back stage? Jory is about to find out after he transfers to an all-boys private school, and is taken in by the only students who don’t treat him like the new kid, the Backstagers, the stage crew of high school theater. With new friends by his side, Jory is introduced to the magical world that lives beyond the curtain, the ever moving rooms and creatures that live in the backstage.

“Stage Dreams” by Melanie Gillman, YA GRAPHIC GILLMAN

The New Mexico Territory, 1861. Young Grace, a trans runaway, has headed west, fleeing her Georgia home — and conscription into the Confederate Army. But her coach ride to California makes an unplanned stop when notorious outlaw the Ghost Hawk swoops. Ghost Hawk, Flor to her friends, means to hold Grace for ransom. But when the two get to talking about Flor’s plan to crash a Confederate gala, Grace convinces Flor to let her join the heist.

“Batman: Nightwalker” by Marie Lu, YA GRAPHIC BATMAN

“Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale” By Lauren Myracle, YA GRAPHIC CATWOMAN

Both of these graphic novels are based on the teen years of Bruce Wayne, the soon to be Batman and Selina Kyle, the future Catwoman. In Nightwalker, Bruce is sentence to community service at Arkham Asylum, home of Gotham City’s dangerous criminals, including a girl from the Nightwalkers. The Nightwalkers, a gang, are terrorizing Gotham’s elite, and soon Bruce finds his way onto their list.

In Under the Moon, Selina leaves her home after a run with her mom’s boyfriend, drops out of school and finds herself alone. One day she meets Ojo, another homeless teen. Ojo, soon invites Selina to meet his gang, and they invite her to be part of their next heist, stealing a book from the private library of a local billionaire.

“The Black Mage” by Daniel Barnes

Meet Tom Token, the first-ever black student at St. Ivory Academy, an all white wizarding school. Everyone believes that the wizarding community is taking it first steps toward inclusivity, but is that truth? Tom begins uncovering weird clues, and receiving creepy texts. It is now up to Tom and his friend Lindsay to find the truth about school, dating back to the American Civil War, or risk losing his soul.

By Amanda Pierce

Teen Services Coordinator


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