Wedding gifts under warranty

Annie Lane

Dear Annie: My very good friend “Pamela” has a son who recently got married. The wedding took place in the middle of September. The bride decided at the beginning of December that she didn’t want to be married. My question is this: Who gets the gifts? The bride and groom were living with her parents until they bought a home, so they didn’t use any of their wedding gifts. The groom just bought a house. I say that he should get the gifts; he is not the one who decided to leave the marriage. — Wedding Present Problems

Dear Wedding Present: The law varies by state. Generally, if the gifts were given to the couple, then the gifts are communal property and will be divided up however the rest of their property is divided up. It’s worth the husband consulting an attorney on this matter.

Morally speaking, that’s a different question, but I tend to agree with you: This woman put him out in the cold. The least she could do is let him have the toaster.

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