Dobson at Dome Christmas Show

MARQUETTE — At this year’s Marquette Dome Christmas Show, author Robert D. Dobson will have available, a free 12-page booklet containing a sample page from each of his 11 non-fiction local history books.

All who have never seen or read any of Dobson’s books are welcome to ask for a copy of this new sample book at the Superior Dome from Friday through Sunday.

Dobson’s books contain humor, statistics, all the new inventions from 1844 through 1968, sports notes, and all the news from the Negaunee Iron Heralds and the Ishpeming Iron Ore weekly newspapers.

All books are written to entertain, and cover large and small Marquette County town news. The Dobson Publication booth will be at the same corner as previous years, and is number 238.

There will not be a new book at this year’s Dome event, but there is a new book in production for 2020 called, “The Wagon Road, the Plank Railway, the First Rail Road, and the Deadman’s Curve.”


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