New at Peter White Public Library

One of the newest collections the Peter White Public Library is developing is a “Library of Things.”

This is a growing assortment of non-book objects that can be checked out on your Peter White Public Library Card. Borrowers must be at least 18+ years old and have a valid PWPL Library card to take advantage of this collection. Items in this collection have a two-week loan period with one renewal, if needed. Overdue fines are 25 cents per day.

Thanks to a generous donation of a pair of library patrons who are both avid bakers, PWPL now has its own of collection of over 30 vintage baking pans produced by the Wilton Cake Pan company. Each of the pans is configured to represent a storybook character, holiday item, cartoon character, or toy, that will be a hit at the next holiday gathering, birthday party, retirement celebration or bon voyage party you host for the special people in your life. The cake pan collection is housed near the vending area on the main floor of the library, next to the paperback books. Cake pans are housed in plastic hanger bags with information on how to bake and decorate these fun confections. More information on decorating tips can be found at www.wilton.com.

Another item available in the Library of Things is a Kill-a-Watt meter, which measures your appliance’s energy consumption. If you are considering replacing an older appliance with a new “energy efficient” model, a Kill-a Watt meter will help you gauge how much energy you will be saving if you upgrade to a newer appliance. Kill-a-Watt meters can be checked out for two weeks with one renewal allowed.

In addition to vintage cake pans, the Library of Things also hosts a set of retro 1980’s Polaroid 660 Land Cameras for use with self-developing film (easily available online or in area stores.) PWPL has 5 of these cameras available for checkout. This would be a terrific beginning photography project for a 4-H group or a scout troop activity.

Other “things” already available to check out from the Peter White Public Library include framed art prints which have a loan period of two months (no renewals), telescopes with a 7-day loan period, with one renewal allowed. Coming soon to the “Things” collection is an Amscope Model M 150 Biological microscope equipped with high quality optics for superior resolution.

Suggestions for other additions to the Library of Things are always welcome.

Stop by and check it out!

By Margaret Boyle

Circulation Services


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