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If you are a history buff and running out of inspiration on what to read next, visit the website: “This Month in History” at http://www.historyplace.com for some timely inspiration. Chances are the Peter White Public Library has a book or two to read more about that certain point in time. Here are some suggested reads that can be found in our Adult Nonfiction section on the upper level of the library:

≤ Aug. 1, 1944: Anne Frank penned her last diary entry.

Suggested Read: “Irena’s Children: A true story of Courage” by Tilar J. Mazzeo, a New York Times bestselling author.

The story of Irena Sendler, a young social worker who, in 1942 gained entry into the Warsaw Ghetto as a public health specialist. With the help of the resistance and the cooperation of the parents, she was able to smuggle thousands of children out of the walled district past the Nazis by convincing her friends and neighbors to hide them. Sendler kept secret lists, buried in bottles under an apple tree, with the names and identities of those children, in hopes that relatives would find them after the war. 940.5318 MA

≤ Aug. 2, 1776: In Philadelphia, most of the 55 members of the Continental Congress signed the parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Suggested Read: “Unfreedom of the Press” by Mark R. Levin, No. 1 New York Times bestselling author. Levin’s book is an appropriate and timely reminder that the purpose of a free press, and free speech, is to nurture the mind, communicate ideas, and reinforce America’s founding principles- contributing to a vigorous, productive, healthy and happy individual and a well-functioning civil society and republic. 070.4493 LE

≤ Aug. 3, 1492: Christopher Columbus set sail from Palos, Spain, with three ships, Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. Seeking a westerly route to the Far East, he instead landed on Oct. 12 in the Bahamas, thinking it was an outlying Japanese island.

Suggested Read: “Columbus: The Four Voyages” by Laurence Bergreen.

School children learn about his journey in 1492, but that is only the beginning. This biography of Christopher Columbus takes on the explorer’s entire, remarkable career. 970.015 BE

≤ Aug. 3, 1900: Birthday of war correspondent Ernie Pyle, born in Dana, Indiana. Pyle’s syndicated column offered insights into the experiences of common soldiers during World War II. He received a Pulitzer Prize for his reports of the bombing of London in 1940 and later war reports from Africa, Sicily, Italy and France. Pyle was killed by machine-gun fire near Okinawa in the South Pacific on April 18, 1945. Suggested Read: “Ernie Pyle’s War” by James Tobin. 921 Pyle.

≤ Aug. 4, 1962: Apartheid opponent Nelson Mandela was arrested by security police in South Africa and was then tried and sentenced to five years in prison. In 1964, Mandela was placed on trial for sabotage, high treason and conspiracy to overthrow the government and was sentenced to life in prison. A worldwide campaign to free him began in the 1980s and resulted in his release in 1990, at age 71 after 27 years in prison. Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. Suggested Read: “Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela” 921 Mandela

By Margaret Boyle

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